90 in 90: Brazil vs. Jamaica | 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup™ Highlights

  • Published: 09 June 2019
  • Watch 90 minutes of Brazil vs. Jamaica in 90 seconds.

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    90 in 90: Brazil vs. Jamaica | 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup™ Highlights

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Comments • 231

  • FOX Soccer
    FOX Soccer   6 months back

    What did you think of Brazil’s performance against Jamaica?

    • E Z
      E Z  6 months back

      @Jesus Acosta How to you think Jamaica will do against Italy?

    • Victor Oliva
      Victor Oliva  6 months back

      People should have some self pride dont you think, and be proud of what you have achieved and not others. I was in the military and would never wear medals or commendations I had not earn, I was taught that. Maybe your folks taught you different.

    • Ольга Золотарёва
      Ольга Золотарёва  6 months back

      Victor Oliva speak for yourself hun xo

    • Victor Oliva
      Victor Oliva  6 months back

      they wanna earn respect that way, only suport the the idea males have about females that they want it both ways!.. gotta have some self pride like the other female teams (spain germany , france, England , Italy etc)

    • Ольга Золотарёва
      Ольга Золотарёва  6 months back

      Victor Oliva They’re allowed to. So?

  • Sean S.
    Sean S.  5 months back

    Jamaica looked like they lost their heads out there. The 3rd goal scored on the free kick everyone saw that not even 1 player for Jamaica tried to even play defense after it was kicked. Yeah the ball passed the line, but if it didn’t it was 3 Brazilians vs the goalie and Jamaica played like a team that played it’s very 1st game

    • Jonathan Washington
      Jonathan Washington  6 months back

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      • Dionne M
        Dionne M  6 months back

        Like the lady said Brazil played the lowest ranked team and only scored 3 goals. When you look at the goals that they actually scored if Jamaica was a more mature team those probably would not have been scored. More like a 1-0 game. Congratulations Jamaica on making it this far.

        • Tinbeef
          Tinbeef  6 months back

          If the men cant do it the female definitely cant

          • Infinti One Walters
            Infinti One Walters  6 months back

            Hello ladies! I am fan for long time. Your progress for a small island his great or should I say wonderful. The next level it's do or die.small mistake.what happen to the other golie.we to be more aggressive on the ball.attack at all times.even when other back his against the wall. My final message to you his jah his on our side .If you belief that then nothing his impossible.

            • L u g u b r i o u s Z o r o

              Cristiane Ronalda

              • Julian B.
                Julian B.  6 months back


                • Anita Sinclair
                  Anita Sinclair  6 months back

                  Respect Jamaica 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲so proud of you guys..wish you guys all the best 💕💕💕💕👍👍

                  • Jennifer Quevedo
                    Jennifer Quevedo  6 months back

                    Is it just me or Brazils second goal shouldn’t have been valid because there was a foul before that on Jamaica’s defender by number 16 of Brazil 🤨🤨

                    • Jahzay
                      Jahzay  6 months back

                      go jamaica try next time don't worry me team

                      • Salamander
                        Salamander  6 months back

                        Small hope here that brazil defeats all the privileged white women.

                        • lasm
                          lasm  6 months back

                          Brazil's third goal was clean! Beautiful shot.

                          • Ryan Cash
                            Ryan Cash  6 months back

                            Love always to my Reggae Girls ❤️

                            • JamesJ .J
                              JamesJ .J  6 months back

                              I support Brasil but that handball call wasn't needed

                              • Ariella Kherrington
                                Ariella Kherrington  6 months back

                                I was rooting for Brazil, but Jamaica did played good. At least the goalkeeper, did anyways.

                                • Christopher Reid
                                  Christopher Reid  6 months back

                                  Come on jamaica 🇯🇲 just dig deep and give it everything you got next match

                                  • tochiRTA
                                    tochiRTA  6 months back

                                    Cristiane is a problem

                                    • Thais Vidal
                                      Thais Vidal  6 months back

                                      Brasil sil sil sil

                                      • Twig
                                        Twig  6 months back

                                        Jamaica girls played like they didn’t even want the win 🤔

                                        • Grant M.
                                          Grant M.  6 months back

                                          And Marta didn't play. They are lucky! I need to take vacation to watch these games

                                          • Big Chungus
                                            Big Chungus  6 months back

                                            Wasn’t able to watch the game, but from the comments, Jamaica did good👍🏻

                                            • Spreak
                                              Spreak  6 months back

                                              I’m so sick of these hand ball penalties. It ruins the flow and outcome of the game. Brazil would have still won but it crushed any chance

                                              • Art-maGination
                                                Art-maGination  6 months back

                                                This Jamaica team seems like they were picked from the farm field to come play the world cup.

                                                • Art-maGination
                                                  Art-maGination  6 months back

                                                  That hand ball wasn't even intentional. Something has to done about these stupid handball fouls. What are you supposed to do if the ball is kick into your arm? Stupid.

                                                  • Joshua Gamboa
                                                    Joshua Gamboa  6 months back


                                                    • cmash
                                                      cmash  6 months back

                                                      Brazil's women still having the stars on their jerseys which represent the 5 world cup victories the men's side has achieved... Stop living off the coattails of the men's side and take the stars off, you haven't earned them. No other woman's national team wears stars on their jerseys for world cup wins the men's side has won.

                                                      • Kevin Crabtree
                                                        Kevin Crabtree  6 months back

                                                        the jamaican defenders left that good keeper out to dry. such a poor team.

                                                        • Kevin Crabtree
                                                          Kevin Crabtree  6 months back

                                                          the handball rule needs to be fixed. such a weak touch results in a pk.

                                                          • Like Lee Said
                                                            Like Lee Said  6 months back

                                                            Refereeing is awful. Shouldn't have been a penalty. Period. So far 3 unjust penalties rewarded for unintentional handball along with a red and yellow cards is just hideous. Shame on you referees. these 3 referees should be banned from ever refereeing any top tournament again.l

                                                            • Like Lee Said
                                                              Like Lee Said  6 months back

                                                              In women sports, almost always the team with the ugliest players wins and the ugliest player among them dominates.... And Brazil always had the ugliest female (If that's what they are) players.

                                                              • Clan Toriador
                                                                Clan Toriador  6 months back

                                                                Like Lee Said - They are athletes. Who cares how they look? Lebron is one ugly MF but no one cares.

                                                            • Mauricio Facciolla
                                                              Mauricio Facciolla  6 months back

                                                              Thank you for posting this video!!!! really nice comments and recap!!

                                                              • Kalela
                                                                Kalela  6 months back

                                                                I hate these Fox commentators. Does anyone else feel the same way about them?

                                                              • N00 ENTERTM.
                                                                N00 ENTERTM.  6 months back

                                                                is this amateur or pro's? lol

                                                                • James Alvarado
                                                                  James Alvarado  6 months back

                                                                  Those are pro keepers?

                                                                  • Edgar Reyes
                                                                    Edgar Reyes  6 months back

                                                                    I know the Jamaican keeper is only 19

                                                                • Duff
                                                                  Duff  6 months back

                                                                  Why is her hand lookin like charcoal in the thumbnail...?

                                                                  • Duff
                                                                    Duff  6 months back

                                                                    Brazil is looking good!

                                                                    • Thomas Jennings Paul Bogle

                                                                      Jamaica we love you win lose or draw one love to my Reggae Girlz

                                                                      • bruna warner
                                                                        bruna warner  6 months back

                                                                        Brazil is my home and there my people and we do our best and we always I mean always play Soccer ⚽️ BRASIL!!!!!!!!!

                                                                        • Sean Wilson
                                                                          Sean Wilson  6 months back

                                                                          Why are people here bitching and moaning about the women's game. If you're not interested don't come here. There's a myriad of women and men sports that I don't watch or care for and guess what you won't find me in any of those comment sections. Why am going to click on (WNBA, hockey, rugby, lacrosse et al.) video and complain why I don't watch? Just don't watch.

                                                                          • Justin Ashman
                                                                            Justin Ashman  6 months back

                                                                            Honestly Brazil not even that good, and I’m not saying that because I’m Jamaican. It was just lack of defense from the squad

                                                                            • Christopher Coimbra
                                                                              Christopher Coimbra  6 months back

                                                                              I think it was because BRAZIL was so good. Just saying.

                                                                            • Tariq El
                                                                              Tariq El  6 months back

                                                                              Justin Ashman - Basically you’re saying Brazil sucks yet scored 3 goals against Jamaica? Every good! 👏

                                                                            • Aliyah Gopie
                                                                              Aliyah Gopie  6 months back

                                                                              Honestly Brazil is one of the best teams in the world, no doubt about it. But Jamaica hasn't really experienced competition like this, but I hope they learned from this game and continue far, because they are a good team.

                                                                          • edwin pillay
                                                                            edwin pillay  6 months back

                                                                            We making the 🌎 more interesting, 🇯🇲.

                                                                            • Jjay How
                                                                              Jjay How  6 months back

                                                                              Mismatch but I’m still proud of the reggae girl and their amazing journey to the World Cup , love you guys, love the land of my birth 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲

                                                                              • Jjay How
                                                                                Jjay How  6 months back

                                                                                edwin pillay everytime mi bredda

                                                                              • edwin pillay
                                                                                edwin pillay  6 months back

                                                                                We win regardless.

                                                                            • Matthew Davis
                                                                              Matthew Davis  6 months back

                                                                              If Jamaica is smart, they need to replace No.14 on the defensive side with someone else immediately. Worst individual performance I've seen from a female futbol player, and I have seen a lot of bad ones.

                                                                              • Aytida Eraknam
                                                                                Aytida Eraknam  6 months back

                                                                                I didn't know Jamaica has a white gk

                                                                                • ruth anariba
                                                                                  ruth anariba  6 months back

                                                                                  Her mother is mixed

                                                                                • Tariq El
                                                                                  Tariq El  6 months back

                                                                                  Aditya Mankare - Jamaicans are not only black. There are plenty of white Jamaicans, Chinese Jamaicans, East Indian Jamaicans and other race you can think of. Bob Marley himself was half white from his fathers side.

                                                                              • Daniel Torres
                                                                                Daniel Torres  6 months back

                                                                                Go Jamaica go Jamaica next game yeah man

                                                                                • Daniel Torres
                                                                                  Daniel Torres  6 months back

                                                                                  Jamaica people reggae girls had bad game reggae girls move next yeah man I love you reggae girls and Jamaica fans

                                                                                  • 2ndEndingVintage
                                                                                    2ndEndingVintage  6 months back

                                                                                    OK, this was amismatch and honestly, Jamaica didn't do badly. BUT...

                                                                                    O...M...F...G !!! Do the refs in this tourney KNOW the FIFA laws of game re: 'considerations' one must take into account to rule a hand ball foul !!!??!! That PK call early in game absolutely NOT a handball. The tourney is but 3 days old and there have thus far been 3 horrendous handball calls which you would never, ever, ever see called in a men's pro league ANYWHERE on earth.
                                                                                    1) Hand was not in 'unnatural position 2) hand and arm were below shoulders 3) ball played hand, hand did not play ball (i.e arm was there before the ball was kicked, arm did not motion to block ball). These are the 'considerations' as written in FIFA laws of game - that was NOT a handball.
                                                                                    Gawd...I swear... if this is the level of reffing there in France, this tourney will eventually become unwatchable. I prefer game outcomes to be determined by the 22 players on a pitch, not by a jittery ref unfit for the world stage, thanks.

                                                                                    • Nilson Miranda
                                                                                      Nilson Miranda  6 months back

                                                                                      2ndEndingVintage any touches by hand in the box is a PK. This is FIFA Rule. Unintentional or intentional. Touches the hand, it's a free kick.