Who is Manipulating Facebook? - Smarter Every Day 215

  • Published: 24 April 2019
  • Thank you Facebook for being so open to this discussion.
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    An update to about my barber's instagram account. It has been taken down. It's possible the username has been changed. We're not sure at this point if Facebook took it down, but it is no longer communicating with people in the community.

    This is the third video in a Smarter Every Day series on social media manipulation.

    Manipulating the YouTube algorithm:

    Twitter Platform Manipulation


    Facebook statements on the Internet Research Agency:

    Mark Zuckerberg:

    Follow NATO Strategic Communication Centre of Excellence : https://twitter.com/STRATCOMCOE

    Check out "Robotrolling"

    NATO (Our interview took place on NATO's 70th birthday).

    Renée Diresta is a Mozilla Fellow in Media, Misinformation, and Trust, where she researches unintended consequences of algorithms and works towards helping machines make better decisions. Renee also writes about disinformation and the changing face of information war — check out her essay “The Digital Maginot Line” (https://www.ribbonfarm.com/2018/11/28/the-digital-maginot-line) — and is a contributor to Wired Ideas (https://www.wired.com/author/renee-diresta).

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  • SmarterEveryDay
    SmarterEveryDay   7 months back

    This is the third video in a series I'm doing on social media manipulation. Facebook is an extremely interesting case to study. They're the largest social media platform in the world and one could argue they've felt the pain of this stuff more than any other platform. I find it to be EXTREMELY interesting that they're transitioning to an ACTIVE position on misinformation as opposed to REACTIVE. I think it's super easy for the public to dismiss what facebook says because of their branding/trust issues.... but regardless of what you think about the company, they are one of the most attacked platforms in the world. Therefore, they're the most experienced people at countering this threat. At times it seems like they're getting their butts kicked, and at others it seems like they're winning. Facebook is not blameless, but directing all of our conversational energy towards the platform itself avoids a major issue, namely the people using the platform to do harm, or to inauthentically promote/discredit something.

    The case of the fitness coach was disturbing. This is a well-known individual with millions of followers. She was clearly benefitting from inauthentic followers and commenters. Someone sympathetic to her clearly wrote the comments. The evidence was very damning in my opinion.... but ultimately I made the decision to blur our her page because attribution is difficult. What if someone purchased face comments on Smarter Every Day and said nice things, then framed me as the one who bought the comments? These are the types of things that undermine the very notion of social media integrity.

    Another thought here. If you don't use facebook, you may be tempted to leave an anti-facebook comment. Totally cool. I'm not a heavy facebook user myself. I don't post my videos to facebook often because of their intellectual property policies. That being said, I've noticed that the tone of many of these comments has a "superiority" feel to them, with most of the disdain directed at the platform facebook itself. I think this is extremely interesting because its possible platform manipulation has affected how you feel about these platforms themselves. The people I met are trying very hard to make a high integrity platform, but it's clear they are fighting a huge corrupt industry, and in some cases a literal disinformation war. My language will be more charitable in the future.

    • yassp eriano
      yassp eriano  2 months back

      PLEASE READ: Day in day out, i find arquives in my laptop with names as if they were files from game engines. But when i open them, they are can be read in a Notepad .txt and show accesses or information extracted from my laptop. Some files show encrypted conversations, but I can detect some patterns and get an idea of what they talk while viewing my data. Somehow this invasion is also happening with my phone. Could you please do a video on that, give some tips on how to secure it? I also find sometimes my IP number changes and when i try to locate it, it always shows a poor location wich is impossible to even house people with this type of technical knowledge. Thank you.

    • S. Eric Schaefer
      S. Eric Schaefer  2 months back

      The "I" info button on links is pretty useless. For example, sharing this video on my news feed, the info button would just bring up Youtube as a whole it has nothing to do with this video, or the message its trying to convey. That's what this video series is about is combating misinformation. Its almost useless.

      The Ad library which I've never heard of until watching this, should be an "A" button on ads you can get to easily. I have to search for the ad library to even get to it, in addition input the ad information I'm trying to learn about. That's too many steps for the majority of people who repost based off of what the title says and never even reads the article.

      What I'm getting at is these tools while potentially useful, don't help anyone because no one uses them, or knows about them, knows how to use them, or are too lazy to use them. They're useless. They need to find a new way.

      You touched on it for a second, but a 5th video would be helpful about the fake Amazon reviews. This video mini-series needs to be watched by everyone. Hardly anyone knows about these things, that affect everyone.

    • Diann Espinoza
      Diann Espinoza  3 months back

      Destin God bless you and your family!

    • One Life
      One Life  4 months back

      whos factual 😏

  • Z Mac
    Z Mac  10 hours back

    Definitely see this on Amazon reviews. It's hard to trust them anymore. Funny though when you come across some Chinese product and all the glowing, 5 star reviews are in terribly broken Engrish.

    The fact checking against their own content part of this video reminded me of how the dnc used their own fake dossier against an opposing presidential candidate to legitimize their own immoral behavior. Pretty scummy thing to do imho. "See what that says?!" Yeah, you wrote it geniuses.

    • cocojumbo4
      cocojumbo4  2 days back

      First, the YouTube episode, then this one. Well...same very many issues, only a lot more obvious.
      Look, I'm gonna be honest with you: if you were an engineer, you wouldn't be a very bright one. Yes, yes, I know, but look at it in a positive way. You shouldn't have any regrets. It's probably better things turned out this way.
      I gotta ask you this though: have you ever considered going pro? Cheerleading, that is.

      • Betty Crabtree
        Betty Crabtree  2 days back

        Check out Canada’s Marketplace investigation of paid actors who represent themself as a person who edorses a product.

        • Jack Jones
          Jack Jones  3 days back

          Study Edward Bernays you're all being played and have been for a long time have fun comrades dasvidaniya

          • Roy Darvin
            Roy Darvin  3 days back

            Me too bro unsubscribing right now.can't blame this guy he is running business with Facebook.

            • steven davidson
              steven davidson  4 days back

              So why did FB remove tommy robinson from there site all he is guilty of is trying to protect our kids from peado's!!!

              • Ron Labass
                Ron Labass  4 days back


                • cvsWebDesigns
                  cvsWebDesigns  1 weeks back

                  The most spooky part of all this is when groups like Project Veritas do an investigation and find the political bias within these companies. That, with cognitive dissonance, creates a very one-sided platform for "fake news" editing/flagging.

                  • cvsWebDesigns
                    cvsWebDesigns  1 weeks back

                    Lordy, I am a Christian, an engineer, and a "climate denier" ... man, I have been called some names and really disparaged by people who refuse to actually discuss facts. It becomes propaganda without any basis. And many times these are friends I have had a beer with.

                    • robby lovell
                      robby lovell  1 weeks back

                      Do reddit AND twitch

                      • Ricardo Pesenti
                        Ricardo Pesenti  2 weeks back

                        Bs... Facebook is cearly massively left leaning and supports violence by left groups. While they condemn practically non-existing right violence. And use this to censor any right leaning position. I love your channel, but this is pure lying.

                        Btw: like all big tech giants...

                        You still get a like for most of your comment. But still, the stuff told by the fb people is pure lying and i really don't appreciate you supporting their role as neutral... that is pure bs

                        • Srijana McMillen
                          Srijana McMillen  2 weeks back

                          I agree 👍 as I can relate although I have to say that not many people are aware of such an advance with added logical software websites by targeting individuals even though it can be inaccurately done.
                          An example, I taught a couple of friends and family how to use FB to be in touch or help them to figure out not for dating or game data processing
                          If FB management wants to take care then they should delete the account which has been reported as fake or if any individual has let the FB know that they don't need the old account. However, my suggestion to FB it would be nicer to have a bold & simple statement while signing up for an account of what to do? And not to do? that might lead to effective changes in society while decreasing the inefficiency
                          The video starting time frame from 22:33 doesn't give the speaker name which makes me question his credibility of people's viewpoint on state actresses and their vulnerability. He should be in place in the world state actress position to be able to explain more in-depth of glitches on the social network. Not everyone or actress is tech advance savvy like the guy who is being interviewed.
                          Thank you for the online academic information.

                          • E. Camilo
                            E. Camilo  3 weeks back

                            The political manipulation in Brazil contributed to the the current president win the elections. There has been evidence of usage of such tactics in his campaign.

                            • Steve Z
                              Steve Z  3 weeks back

                              i believe that you should try some of these tactics to escalate the "team trees" initiative (non profit, nobody gets heart etc). Then document the entire process, let youtube, twitter and facebook review, redact of update there systems before posting to the world so that we can see more on how this kind of manipulation is actually affecting the world.

                              Go Team Trees!!!

                              • timmy chang
                                timmy chang  4 weeks back

                                Bias against conservatives are not a joke. What happens when the insiders are bias against conservatives.

                                • b
                                  b  4 weeks back

                                  I wonder if its worth going through all this to have facebook or youtube or twitter. I mean 1 million deleted accounts per day. 30,000 people working just to keep things in check thats just the security side of it. Is it really worth it all. Im tired of watching all of this.

                                  • kristina mayfield
                                    kristina mayfield  1 months back

                                    Thank you for doing these series! Any additional tips on how we can protect our accounts and how to spot fake accounts? I think I am good at being skeptical and usually try to fact check some of the political memes and posts I see before reposting but I see this stuff everywhere and family and old friends getting caught up in it. Some are so blatantly fabricated but seem to work so well to aggravate emotions and biases

                                    • kristina mayfield
                                      kristina mayfield  1 months back

                                      Thank you for doing these series! Any additional tips on how we can protect our accounts and how to spot fake accounts? I think I am good at being skeptical and usually try to fact check some of the political memes and posts I see before reposting but I see this stuff everywhere and family and old friends getting caught up in it. Some are so blatantly fabricated but seem to work so well to aggravate emotions and biases

                                      • 0key vanilya
                                        0key vanilya  1 months back

                                        D-D-D-DJ DES TIN-IN-IN IN DA HOUSe, and the algorithm comment placed.

                                        • 0key vanilya
                                          0key vanilya  1 months back

                                          D-D-D-DJ DES TIN-IN-IN IN DA HOUSe, and the algorithm comment placed.

                                          • 0key vanilya
                                            0key vanilya  1 months back

                                            D-D-D-DJ DES TIN-IN-IN IN DA HOUSe, and the algorithm comment placed.

                                            • 0key vanilya
                                              0key vanilya  1 months back

                                              D-D-D-DJ DES TIN-IN-IN IN DA HOUSe, and the algorithm comment placed.

                                              • Cream Cheese
                                                Cream Cheese  1 months back

                                                Oh wow engaging not commercial poopery

                                                • Da' Bear
                                                  Da' Bear  1 months back

                                                  8:20 ish. The News industry has known this for years, if it bleeds it leads is the mantra. News has pushed the more dangerous news to the top to incite fear to incite views to tune in more. This is why while crime has been on a steady decline, instead of people feeling safer about their neighborhoods, letting their kids go play by themselves or other, you get the opposite of increased fears and anxiety.

                                                  You are being manipulated.

                                                  • Adrastos
                                                    Adrastos  1 months back

                                                    English Facebook only

                                                    • Sj J
                                                      Sj J  1 months back

                                                      These groups of bots even use Facebook blocking environment to block voices they don't want

                                                      • Xavier
                                                        Xavier  1 months back

                                                        I have TorGuard for two years.. it cost me $50usd.. My "half off discount" wasn't contingent on me getting two years, I could literally get half off every single month.. that would be a month for #3..

                                                        • Xavier
                                                          Xavier  1 months back

                                                          Wanna surf the net from a different country, just use Hola VPN.. It's a *free* web extension.

                                                          • Xavier
                                                            Xavier  1 months back

                                                            Always read the 2 - 4 star reviews, ignore everything else.

                                                            • Xavier
                                                              Xavier  1 months back

                                                              There is no such thing as hate speech in America..Just speech that is hated.. Someone is a Democrat.. lol
                                                              But what if she is one of the bad actors then what do you do?
                                                              More control? Of course, naturally. Can't just educate people to be smarter, we need to control them.

                                                              • Xavier
                                                                Xavier  1 months back

                                                                Useful idiots.

                                                                • Speech is Violent To Keep You Silent

                                                                  I'm not seeing enough diversity on Facebook's staff surely these Liberal Progressives will gladly step aside and allow for less privileged individuals to fill these roles. 😝 We should be pushing them to do that with sincerity in all leftist organizations including Marxists professor's and their colleges.

                                                                  • Chris Ilias
                                                                    Chris Ilias  1 months back

                                                                    could block chain solve this problem? Great info! thnk you

                                                                    • DOUG and NIKI
                                                                      DOUG and NIKI  1 months back

                                                                      I've found our YouTube page recreated on fake pages elsewhere in the world. How does someone fight that?

                                                                      • Soundphile
                                                                        Soundphile  1 months back

                                                                        I find it sad that probably one of the currently most important and informative videos of this channel has fewer views compared to its other uploads, thank you for this in depth content about Facebook, Twitter and youtube manipulation, There are still way too many people out there who are not understanding/believing how much impact these things can have on our everyday life. SmarterEveryDay is probably one of the smartest youtube channels on youtube you can find

                                                                        • Ahnaf Muttaki Sakib
                                                                          Ahnaf Muttaki Sakib  2 months back

                                                                          Myanmar still haven't taken refugees back from Bangladesh.

                                                                          • Darren Hearps
                                                                            Darren Hearps  2 months back

                                                                            False face book manipulation proven bias . They're scum . Unsbsribed from you .

                                                                            • ShiSHk4b0B Gaming
                                                                              ShiSHk4b0B Gaming  2 months back

                                                                              Thanks for that. The same thing happened when I was a business owner in 2017. My account almost got hacked by what I thought to be a news outlet from a country I can't recall in a language I don't understand. I actually was able to prevent it because I was online with both my email and my fb page open and I saw the alerts in my inbox and I could react to it in the seconds it was happening.

                                                                              • CAG FILMS
                                                                                CAG FILMS  2 months back

                                                                                Great info thank you!!!

                                                                                • Alien Encore
                                                                                  Alien Encore  2 months back

                                                                                  If Facebook can't police the services it sells then it shouldn't be selling them. I know this is basically just a FB apologist video, but it's all their fault and their desire to make more and more that causes the problem.

                                                                                  • Jantan Sopan
                                                                                    Jantan Sopan  2 months back

                                                                                    FB and scam are good friend.

                                                                                    • Igor Valdmaa
                                                                                      Igor Valdmaa  2 months back

                                                                                      As open minded, and love your neighbor-like you're are being in this video, you seem to really emphasize that "Russia" is a bad guy who has hordes of hackers for some unknown reason trying to pit American communities against each other. A map you showed in a previous video suggested that Russia didn't have as many unauthentic accounts on social media as some other European countries though. Sorry but it just really stood out to me how throughout this 3 part series you have on multiple occasions singled out Russia as the one doing the manipulation with no proof to back it. This is the kind of 'manipulation' is most harmful, I don't think that the more naive of your American viewers were left with a positive view of Russia after watching this.

                                                                                      • Günnår Algøtsmann
                                                                                        Günnår Algøtsmann  2 months back

                                                                                        @ Igor Valdmaa That’s the spirit of manipulating the world by Fake-book. Greetings from Belgium 🇧🇪. Peace ☮️

                                                                                    • Nick's Stuff
                                                                                      Nick's Stuff  2 months back

                                                                                      A third party VPN is the best chance of getting manipulated, though...

                                                                                      • Rufs
                                                                                        Rufs  2 months back

                                                                                        I've only watched half of this video and have decided I would like to study psychology

                                                                                        • shuy Reyna
                                                                                          shuy Reyna  2 months back

                                                                                          Amazing video.

                                                                                          • D B
                                                                                            D B  2 months back

                                                                                            FB allows a terrorist group like Antifa to spew its violent lies on its platform but suddenly, with no explanation bans me for 2 days from doing my job of managing a well over 100 year old non-profit sports group or sharing an auction item from a charity benefit to do with conservation claiming it doesn’t allow the sale of animals when the auction item was a breeding, not a sale of any animal. What kind of diversity of thought, understanding and lack of political and ideological bias can we expect from FB’s 30,000 employees hired to inspect, judge, approve or ban people’s content? I think we can pretty much expect massive group think from all three Silicon Valley Social Media giants.

                                                                                            • Paul Adamson
                                                                                              Paul Adamson  2 months back

                                                                                              Thank you, and God bless. :) <3