• Published: 25 July 2018

    The vote on has concluded that these were your favourite 10 goals of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia!
    Do you agree with the choice?
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    FIFATV   1 years back

    FIRST! :)

  • Rakesh Kumar
    Rakesh Kumar  3 hours back

    Nacho goal ????

      V1NTAGEBEATS  6 hours back

      My Top 10
      10 - Messi
      9 - Chadli
      8 - Modric
      7 - Musa
      6 - Cuintero
      5 - Ronaldo
      4 - Kroos
      3 - Cheryshev
      2 - Nacho
      1 - Pavard

      • Steve Bulutsuzku
        Steve Bulutsuzku  8 hours back

        Tell what you want, but I bet my life Pavard's one was pure luck... there's NO chance for him to hit like that again at all. Platini? Yes, Zidane? Yes... but c'mon Pavard who?

        • It’s Chlones
          It’s Chlones  17 hours back

          How misses 2018 World Cup I really miss it

          • Ozymandias
            Ozymandias  20 hours back

            1:32 dont know how many times i replay that, such a beautiful cointer attack

            • Bernardas Janušauskas
              Bernardas Janušauskas  22 hours back


              • Laxman Pandey
                Laxman Pandey  1 days back

                Cr7 goal 4%

                • CooBaLT
                  CooBaLT  1 days back

                  SECOND POTEAU PAVARD !

                  • Khoonda
                    Khoonda  1 days back

                    Tolisso and Lemar behind the goal as pavards volley went in LOL

                    • Henry Laranjado
                      Henry Laranjado  1 days back


                      • Kauanzin TM
                        Kauanzin TM  2 days back


                        • magma Namus
                          magma Namus  2 days back

                          El número 2 debió haber sido el número 10

                          • b b
                            b b  2 days back


                            • Nicolás Espinoza
                              Nicolás Espinoza  2 days back

                              Y el de Di maria?

                              • Vukasin Mijuskovic
                                Vukasin Mijuskovic  2 days back

                                Who is Kolarov

                                • Resad Teymurov
                                  Resad Teymurov  2 days back


                                  • cristian diaz
                                    cristian diaz  2 days back

                                    Me vas a decir que el de messi es mejor q el de nacho

                                    • Kieran Khomyak
                                      Kieran Khomyak  3 days back

                                      I think Quaresma goal should be ranked hire

                                      • Agustin Regatuzzo
                                        Agustin Regatuzzo  3 days back

                                        y el gol de di maria?????

                                        • Josip Jagic
                                          Josip Jagic  3 days back

                                          Modrić the best

                                          • MAKSIMUS YT
                                            MAKSIMUS YT  3 days back

                                            Messi on 5 WHAT? Cheryshev nice

                                            • Kuplinov Fan
                                              Kuplinov Fan  3 days back

                                              Чемпионат оставил просто незабываемые эмоции!

                                              • the liar king
                                                the liar king  3 days back

                                                spains goals v portugal not included.

                                                • TEAM ORIGINAL
                                                  TEAM ORIGINAL  4 days back

                                                  Y di maria?

                                                  • Uzb Xorazm
                                                    Uzb Xorazm  4 days back

                                                    0:21 flag Uzbekistan. Germany salam from Uzbekistan 🇺🇿🇺🇿🇺🇿😉

                                                    • Raheeb KR Raheeb
                                                      Raheeb KR Raheeb  4 days back

                                                      I'm a die hard fan of FFF...

                                                      • Venox_69
                                                        Venox_69  4 days back

                                                        SECOND POTEAU PAVAAAARRRRRRRRDDDDDD !!!! BENJAMIN PAVARD UNE FRAPPE EXCEPTIONNEL !!!!!! <3

                                                        • Boss Man World
                                                          Boss Man World  4 days back

                                                          :Oh my WORD! THE BOYS A STAR. ONE GLORIOUS GLORIOUS GOAL!"

                                                          • Nirusu
                                                            Nirusu  4 days back

                                                            En quoi le but de Chadli est plus beau que celui de Quaresma ?? Limite il a même pas sa place dans le top 10

                                                            • Stevan Sekulic
                                                              Stevan Sekulic  4 days back


                                                              • James M Cain
                                                                James M Cain  4 days back

                                                                I don't think I'll ever tire of that Pavard goal. Perfect.

                                                                • Кирилл Любимов

                                                                  Denis Cheryshev🇷🇺
                                                                  Russia one❤

                                                                  • Evan Davies
                                                                    Evan Davies  5 days back

                                                                    This makes me sad I can't even score a penalty

                                                                    • AELUS DARK SNAKE
                                                                      AELUS DARK SNAKE  5 days back

                                                                      TF1: SECONDE POTEAU PAVAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!
                                                                      BeIn Sport: C'EST REPOUSSÉ MAIS PAS TRÈS BIEN, LA FRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPPE!

                                                                      • UNKNOWN
                                                                        UNKNOWN  5 days back

                                                                        SECOND POTEAU PAAAAVAAAAAAAAAAAAARD

                                                                        • Dulce zomber
                                                                          Dulce zomber  5 days back

                                                                          Chalé donde está el gol de chuky en el de Alemania

                                                                          • aryan raina
                                                                            aryan raina  5 days back

                                                                            5 out of 10 players are/were real Madrid players😉

                                                                            • Pedro Ferre
                                                                              Pedro Ferre  5 days back

                                                                              Falto di María metió un golazo mejor que Messi

                                                                              • Lil Skies
                                                                                Lil Skies  5 days back

                                                                                El de Di Maria a Francia no esta???????

                                                                                • Jean Pierre Desir
                                                                                  Jean Pierre Desir  5 days back

                                                                                  Second Poteau Benjamin PAVARD

                                                                                  • LLOYD PLAN
                                                                                    LLOYD PLAN  5 days back

                                                                                    Pavard goal is similar to Nachos goal vs Portugal

                                                                                    • Lucas Anguita Veliz
                                                                                      Lucas Anguita Veliz  5 days back

                                                                                      Messi no merece el top 5

                                                                                      • Vinayak Jp
                                                                                        Vinayak Jp  6 days back

                                                                                        Messi's goal is not that much any better, it's an average goal..

                                                                                        • Paweł Chabasiński
                                                                                          Paweł Chabasiński  7 days back

                                                                                          Cześć! Lubię placki

                                                                                          • Tigre Ho
                                                                                            Tigre Ho  1 weeks back

                                                                                            Why messi

                                                                                            • Pascual Brother
                                                                                              Pascual Brother  1 weeks back

                                                                                              Falto el de Dimaria Argentina vs francia