90 in 90: Canada vs. New Zealand | 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup™ Highlights

  • Published: 16 June 2019
  • Watch 90 minutes of Canada vs. New Zealand in 90 seconds.

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    90 in 90: Canada vs. New Zealand | 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup™ Highlights

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Comments • 96

  • FOX Soccer
    FOX Soccer   6 months back

    Were you surprised by the outcome?

  • MrSacra916king
    MrSacra916king  5 months back

    New Zealand's goalkeeper looks like a high school teacher. 😍

    • Ezequiel Hernandez
      Ezequiel Hernandez  6 months back

      Props to Prince, she was killing it 👏

      • sasa milenkovic
        sasa milenkovic  6 months back

        Excellent tactical change by Canada in terms of formation with a single target-striker (Sinclair) and compacted yet offensive middle. Despite Prince getting a few video highlights here, Flemming for me was a standout. Her terrain coverage and intelligence is out of this world; what a real talent and star! I'm projecting Canada to make the semi-finals as Flemming will officially enshrine her name not only as the world class midfielder but a difference making footballer in the knock-out stages. All pieces are lined up for team Canada to formally celebrate Sinclair's legendary career with resurgence of Flemming's magic that will lead them to a medal.
        J'aime le Canada!!!!

        • tochiRTA
          tochiRTA  6 months back

          Prince ballin

          • 21 HARTs
            21 HARTs  6 months back

            Nichelle Prince is fye asf💯

            • Christopher D
              Christopher D  6 months back

              Prince is very skilled.

              • Jason Miller
                Jason Miller  6 months back

                That pass from prince was nice!

                • Jacob Caradonna
                  Jacob Caradonna  6 months back

                  Let’s go USA

                  • John Woodgate
                    John Woodgate  6 months back

                    Womens game needs an onsides zone. 45 yds from goal to 45 yds on the other end. Basically, no one would be offsides in that zone. Put marks on the field on both sides and ends.
                    Also, need to limit number of players starting from 32yds out to the goal on both ends. Max of 6 attackers and 7 defenders +1 goalkeeper in that zone on both ends. This would open up scoring. Questions?

                    • John Woodgate
                      John Woodgate  6 months back

                      @Alyssa Teddy The current ball is too heavy for women. Matter of fact Maijken Gilmartin CEO of Eir soccer (a former FEMALE soccer coach) created a smaller and lighter ball for women and has partnered with the UN Global goals campaign. She is campaigning to change the womens ball at FIFA and the Olympics. Toronto womens outdoor summer league uses it and it drastically reduced injuries and fatigue. Brandi Chastain is a supporter of the Eir soccer ball as well.

                    • John Woodgate
                      John Woodgate  6 months back

                      @Alyssa Teddy Where do you meet "3 of my kind" every day? Strange and specific.

                    • John Woodgate
                      John Woodgate  6 months back

                      @Alyssa Teddy Soccer was designed for men specifically. England designed the goals especially for the height of the GK's in England at the time. So it is a mans sport. That doesnt mean soccer cant be redesigned for women.

                    • John Woodgate
                      John Woodgate  6 months back

                      @Alyssa Teddy I do support womens sports. Thats why womens soccer needs tough love. That means being honest about the slow play from 70th minute on, the ridiculous amounts of loss of possession, and overall poor play of GK's.

                  • John Woodgate
                    John Woodgate  6 months back

                    Boring game. Womens soccer is unwatchable unless each team scores more than twice. Trying to recreate the mens game is not working.

                    Change the rules. Prevent bunkering. Need a MAX of 6 attackers and 7 defenders only inside 32 yds on both ends. That would open up scoring.

                    • John Woodgate
                      John Woodgate  6 months back

                      @Kelly M Do you think this World Cup is successful? Best player in the World Norway's Hberg quit. I mean thats not good. What about Bunny Shaw, Amanda Kerr, and Chris Sinclair? None have scored any goals. This is a problem for womens soccer. A ladyboy scored Thailands only goal. I mean, do you not see this?

                    • John Woodgate
                      John Woodgate  6 months back

                      @Kelly M You should be inquiring about how my suggestions would progress the womens game. Most comments from men on here are misogynistic in content and I dont see you commenting about that. Why do men do that? Because they dont care about the womens game. They just want to see pretty women running around.

                    • John Woodgate
                      John Woodgate  6 months back

                      @Kelly M Maybe people you talk to about womens soccer are just placating you not to hurt your feelings. What I hear from people is they dont find it entertaining watching women kick the ball around and lose possession over and over again. In the mens game the passing is precise. I would rather the women take more shots on goal than change possesion near the back line. Its boring.

                    • John Woodgate
                      John Woodgate  6 months back

                      @Kelly M Your right, I could just not watch. People in high positions read comments.

                      I care about the womens game so much that I offer solutions to get people in seats to get merchandise sold. The MLS foots the bill for the NSWL. Know that? NWSL not profitable. So if you are a fan of womens soccer that should scare you. The changes I suggested would make womens soccer profitable. Wouldnt you like to see 7-5 games? If women dont score goals, then no one watches. Mens game is more established and profitable. Womens game shouldnt use their model, because we know its not profitable after years of doing it. Common sense. Every time the womens game ends 1-0 or 0-0 they all lose.

                    • Kelly M
                      Kelly M  6 months back

                      John Woodgate Why are you so obsessed with hating women’s soccer? All your comments are hateful and weird when in reality all you can do is just not watch them. It’s very simple.

                  • Objective Viewer
                    Objective Viewer  6 months back

                    wasn't able to watch the game because I don't have Fox Sport 2 on my cable package

                    • Amir Mola
                      Amir Mola  6 months back

                      Objective Viewer lol

                  • Je s
                    Je s  6 months back

                    She's the only black person in all of Canada

                    • Hazel Hue
                      Hazel Hue  6 months back

                      Pretty sure there were around 4 black girls on the team...

                  • Neil Secor
                    Neil Secor  6 months back

                    Prince is a baller.

                    Other girls are cute. Lol

                  • Tom Paratube
                    Tom Paratube  6 months back

                    The New Zealand goalkeeper is good sometimes, but she always looks so sad.

                    • Jacob A
                      Jacob A  6 months back

                      yo prince went off that game

                      • CCW Noob
                        CCW Noob  6 months back

                        The old Sinclair would not have missed the three that she should've scored. Are they keeping her in just to chase the record?

                        • Armored Fishy
                          Armored Fishy  6 months back

                          What happened to the 90 in 90 videos for the 2018 World Cup

                          • aden K
                            aden K  6 months back

                            It’s woman’s so it doesn’t really matter

                        • O Wanjera
                          O Wanjera  6 months back

                          This is so hilarious 😂It’s always about Sinclair even when it’s clear the goal belongs to Prince. 🙄 oh please. Try to improve in that department otherwise it makes Better sense to mute it.

                          • dholuo35
                            dholuo35  6 months back

                            Absolutely! Ain't that something......Prince clearly deserves the recognition and Any objective person would find that she was player of the match.....
                            Team USA are scoring in volumes But are yet to be Tested!!

                        • Randy Dubin
                          Randy Dubin  6 months back


                          • Christian Macri
                            Christian Macri  6 months back

                            I never knew Canada was this good.

                            • Maria Guzman
                              Maria Guzman  6 months back

                              Is it just me or do the Canadian girls look extremely similar (look wise) to the USA girls

                              • cwopre
                                cwopre  6 months back

                                most of the CAN girls played college in the US for one

                              • FLAMINGMOH(Mohawesome)
                                FLAMINGMOH(Mohawesome)  6 months back

                                Yeah. Wearing red and also the lady with the pink hair.

                            • willia451
                              willia451  6 months back

                              Congrats to Canada. They should have won. Hands down. And they did. Good to see a nice game for a change.

                              • Colombian flag
                                Colombian flag  6 months back

                                The goal from Fleming was spectacular

                                • Hammoudi Alonaizan
                                  Hammoudi Alonaizan  6 months back

                                  defense needs to get better honestly

                                  • LF C
                                    LF C  6 months back

                                    Womens world Cup > Copa America

                                    • MUFC is a joke
                                      MUFC is a joke  6 months back

                                      SJWs and Feminists are gonna request FIFA to stop other Soccer tournaments from happening until the Womens little league tournament is over. Women are afraid that Copa America is stealing their thunder but they never had one to begin with lol.

                                  • Ivan k
                                    Ivan k  6 months back

                                    Yes very suprised

                                    • Finger banging Your mom
                                      Finger banging Your mom  6 months back

                                      Canada is trash

                                      • James Richmond
                                        James Richmond  6 months back

                                        #15 Prince, on the Canadian side, is the player of the game.

                                      • Wilber Alvarado
                                        Wilber Alvarado  6 months back

                                        Who’s watching copa America tho😏 Argentina vs Colombia

                                        • MUFC is a joke
                                          MUFC is a joke  6 months back

                                          SJWs and Feminists are gonna request FIFA to stop other Soccer tournaments from happening until the Womens little league tournament is over. Women are afraid that Copa America is stealing their thunder but they never had one to begin with lol.

                                      • Ivann Zavala
                                        Ivann Zavala  6 months back

                                        Go Canada 🇨🇦

                                      • Francisco Morales
                                        Francisco Morales  6 months back

                                        Canada been taking dubs in every sport

                                        • taladuga picpwaspwat
                                          taladuga picpwaspwat  6 months back

                                          two completely useless and unimportant country. canada should join the usa, and, new zealand should join Australia..

                                          • bacardibum
                                            bacardibum  6 months back

                                            @libertyqueen yes. as a minority my people have been held down for too long by the black, asian, and hispanic oppressors.

                                          • 21stcenturyenigma
                                            21stcenturyenigma  6 months back

                                            Are you implying that the USA is a useless country? ? Really ? So tell me what's your country we'll look up your quaint little country's GDP . USA has had the largest economy since the 1960s by far and produced the greatest space program NASA, stealth technology, google,Apple, Microsoft, Wal-Mart. What did your little country do ?

                                          • James Richmond
                                            James Richmond  6 months back

                                            Troll wannabe inbound

                                          • 21stcenturyenigma
                                            21stcenturyenigma  6 months back

                                            @Jimy T You're a disgusting poorly educated human being and the fact that you said Canada doesn't have "the same kings of blacks " America has shows there are still racist pieces of garbage everywhere who worry about not being able rig the system against people just because of the color of their skin. By 2040 the USA will be mostly people of color while Caucasians are dying out at a rate faster than they can reproduce. The will always be Caucasian people ,black African Americans , Hispanic and Asian in America it's just that Caucasians will be the minority for the first time in the USA.

                                          • libertyqueen
                                            libertyqueen  6 months back

                                            @Kazz until you are the object of that trolling... go somewhere else, AH... maybe Russia... yah Russia

                                        • Fifteen Binkie
                                          Fifteen Binkie  6 months back

                                          Great Game !!!!!!!

                                          • Frank King
                                            Frank King  6 months back

                                            Kawhi Leonard is the Greatest Basketball Player right now as we speak.

                                            • Neng Mua
                                              Neng Mua  6 months back

                                              Frank King,

                                              This is not a sport?


                                              It’s far more exciting and entertaining than baseball.

                                            • James Richmond
                                              James Richmond  6 months back

                                              Wrong sport.

                                            • 21stcenturyenigma
                                              21stcenturyenigma  6 months back

                                              @Neng Mua The greatest dogeball player is Kevin Bailey of the North Region Dynasty . Lol.