The Helicopter Speed Limit - Helicopter Physics Series - #7 - Smarter Every Day 51

  • Published: 09 May 2012
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Comments • 2 357

  • Kenny C
    Kenny C  1 days back

    The Chinook is the fastest. Counter rotating blades prevent stall.

    • OFF ROAD
      OFF ROAD  4 weeks back

      You have came a long way man keep up the good work.

      • Sam Speed
        Sam Speed  1 months back

        Speed limit to helicopters? Cue the Airwolf theme!

        • Skip S.
          Skip S.  2 months back

          CH-47 FTW!

          • karel bellic
            karel bellic  2 months back

            Isn't the apache faster than chinook.?

            • Travis D.
              Travis D.  2 months back

              Great vid! TY for the share and great footage! Best of Regards! 👍 P.S. Not to be nit picky ... Not a double helix... That is a helix inside of a helix not 2 intertwined helix's.

              • John Fletcher
                John Fletcher  2 months back

                Although you are correct in saying that the helicopter will pitch up, it doesn't necessarily correct itself. The helicopter will pitch up and begin to role in the direction of the retreating blade. At this point it is important to lower the collective, which will decrease the angle of attack, and aft on the cyclic, which will reduce speed to get out of a retreating blade stall!

                • 44 Hawk
                  44 Hawk  2 months back

                  The Cheyenne Shopper of the very late 1960s early 1970s was faster than the Chinook, shithook in military lingo. The Cheyenne flu mainly on its small wings as it speed approached about 330 miles an hour which I believe is it not a lot faster than the Chinook, but it was a helicopter that was more capable that the Apache is today. The money it took to build the very first Apache could have been spent on 3000 Cheyenne helicopters at Bay would have been upgraded through the years to be he Premier close air support weapon of all time. They were fast enough to get somewhere in a hurry and They Carried enough Ordnance to get the job done. You can also reduce the asymmetry issue bye depending on the wings more and just allow the rotor to go into auto rotation.

                  • All Things M3
                    All Things M3  2 months back

                    Whoever is piloting the rc helicopter is one of the best pilots I have seen.

                    • Rain Sender
                      Rain Sender  2 months back


                      • Juan Shagner
                        Juan Shagner  2 months back

                        Some of those photos are beautiful. Absolutely stunning. If I had captured those I’d be on the moon with excitement!

                        • Nico 2020
                          Nico 2020  2 months back

                          Thank you YouTube

                          • Ville Ikonen
                            Ville Ikonen  2 months back

                            Wicked clip! Thanks for the info!

                            • GeoDrone
                              GeoDrone  2 months back

                              This explains every UFO sighting.

                              • Mauro Dutra
                                Mauro Dutra  3 months back

                                Hi Destin, I am a big fan of your documentary videos. You make it really fun to learn and, I am getting a little smarter every day I watch them. Thank you! As for your anniversary documentary video, what about filming the blast of a big rocket launching and talk about the speed and dynamic of the hot gasses escaping the rocket’s engine. Perhaps you could also talk about thrust vectors and how much energy is lost by gasses that don’t flow in the same vector, because of the blast sound waves interference I imagine. I also imagine that the gasses are escaping the rocket's engine at supersonic speed. How crazy the shockwaves must get inside the combustion chamber? Well, I think you would make one episode even more cool than the Civil War cannons. Well, all your episodes are cool.

                                • Jesse T
                                  Jesse T  3 months back

                                  Max Air Speed of a chinook in 170 knots. This is not a rotor speed limit its an airframe speed limit.

                                  • Zeitlos Offiziell
                                    Zeitlos Offiziell  3 months back

                                    you are the reason for Ufo sightings Xd

                                    • jebthaaxe
                                      jebthaaxe  3 months back

                                      Chinook dear

                                      • Tryaz EVE
                                        Tryaz EVE  3 months back

                                        I think you put your arrows in illogical directions. Airspeed is experienced as airflow over the craft so it should be an arrow pointing against the direction of travel.
                                        I understood you but it would be more intuitive as I explain it

                                        • Okinawan Warrior
                                          Okinawan Warrior  3 months back

                                          According to Google, Apache and Black Hawk fly faster than Chinook.

                                          Semper Fi
                                          Kaneohe Marine Corps Air Station 1984

                                          • Okinawan Warrior
                                            Okinawan Warrior  3 months back

                                            @Bartonovich52 I guess you didn't bothered to check the actual peed of each helicopters.

                                          • Bartonovich52
                                            Bartonovich52  3 months back

                                            Google results are based on popularity, not veracity.

                                        • nilkantha gholap
                                          nilkantha gholap  3 months back

                                          Aldebaran , Taurus in the background

                                          • Chado
                                            Chado  3 months back

                                            Here it is 11:50pm and I've waited all day to get smarter

                                            • Sid B
                                              Sid B  3 months back

                                              The fastest, heaviest, and highest flying. I loved flying that beast. I beg to differ with your corrective action in RBS, the aircraft will pitch up as you said, but it will also roll to the stalled side....unless your in a Chinook.

                                              • Tom Coker
                                                Tom Coker  3 months back

                                                Any neighbors call in a UFO Report?

                                                • jnbfrancisco
                                                  jnbfrancisco  3 months back

                                                  You have a commie model helo there. All US helicopter's rotors rotate counterclockwise.

                                                  • spelunkerd
                                                    spelunkerd  3 months back

                                                    Good point, the helicopter with two blades can rotate them in the opposite direction, canceling the apparent wind effect on the retreating blade.

                                                    • James Wheeler
                                                      James Wheeler  3 months back

                                                      Is the self correction still true of a 2 bladed helo like the huey? I thought I'd read that they roll

                                                      • Michael Rader
                                                        Michael Rader  3 months back

                                                        Kid is a good pilot

                                                        • Dakota Pharris
                                                          Dakota Pharris  3 months back

                                                          CORRECTION: Although you said the chinook helicopter was the fastest in the Us army inventory that is false. The apache is 227mph and the blackhawk 225mph and the chinook is only 197mph top speeds although the AH-1Z Viper is 255mph and actually is the fasted U.S. military helicopter although its mainly used in naval and marine operations only. The apache and blackhawk are army as you said. The modern Apache guardian is stated as the best attack helicopter worldwide. The apache guarding has a top speed of 189mph conpared to the 197 chinook. This may be where you got your information.

                                                          • Mike Oxlong
                                                            Mike Oxlong  3 months back

                                                            Wow older sed is lame af.

                                                            • mike Koz
                                                              mike Koz  4 months back

                                                              Maybe time to look at the revolutions is rotor flight using tilt-rotor models like the V-22 and V-280

                                                              • Chris Martin
                                                                Chris Martin  4 months back

                                                                The UFO calls must have been frantic !!

                                                                • Ashish Niroula
                                                                  Ashish Niroula  4 months back

                                                                  Lets do this again with your new high speed camera!

                                                                  • Michael Williams
                                                                    Michael Williams  4 months back

                                                                    I notice this great parallel; you quote book/chapter/verse, and, while well handling the responsibilities of husband and father, you do maintain the heart of a child. There is a good curiosity and a wasteful gossipy curiosity; you've equipped yourself well.

                                                                    • Enlightened ☀️
                                                                      Enlightened ☀️  4 months back

                                                                      👍🏼 would you do a series on the physics of golf? The ones on here are old and not very good. Some night painting with swings of Mathew Wolf and Brooks Koepka would be sweet to compare...there also seems to be a distance barrier you could investigate along with all the aerodynamics stuff not to mention the counter intuitive nature how club path and face angles work. Thanks!

                                                                      • Randomnick123
                                                                        Randomnick123  4 months back

                                                                        I was thinking Chinook since two opposite rotating blades

                                                                        • Spoonclankencuppen999
                                                                          Spoonclankencuppen999  4 months back

                                                                          Contra-rotating coaxial rotors overcomes this issue.

                                                                          • fadedflage
                                                                            fadedflage  4 months back

                                                                            Your advancing blade should be on the right side

                                                                            • Mike Dang
                                                                              Mike Dang  4 months back

                                                                              At frame 2:11, it looks he has collected all of the 7 dragon balls!

                                                                              • BoneS_1972
                                                                                BoneS_1972  4 months back

                                                                                YA BUT WHAT IS THE FASTEST THEY CAN FLY

                                                                                • DrewT
                                                                                  DrewT  4 months back

                                                                                  Google says top speeds: Chinook=196mph; Blackhawk=222mph; Apache=227mph. Wonder why the discrepancy???

                                                                                  • Mark Lambert
                                                                                    Mark Lambert  5 months back

                                                                                    Awesome job! First time to your page and I am hooked. I can’t believe I haven’t found you earlier than this given my love of flying.

                                                                                    • Makan Tahi
                                                                                      Makan Tahi  5 months back

                                                                                      problem solved: use more rigid main rotor with lower diameter and max rpm

                                                                                      • Anthony Robinson
                                                                                        Anthony Robinson  5 months back

                                                                                        You didn’t show what happens to a two blade system like a UH-1H. In that case under retreating blade stall the helicopter rolls, not pitches up. This can cause total loss of control leading to the aircraft crashing.

                                                                                        • Bill McCaffrey
                                                                                          Bill McCaffrey  5 months back

                                                                                          I just started flying drones and one of the FAA rules is no night flying and each drone has to be registered with the FAA. I personally have no issues with what you guys did, but would the FAA?

                                                                                          • smithraymond09029
                                                                                            smithraymond09029  4 months back

                                                                                            "Drone"? Its an rc helicopter. And he's flying out in a field, in the south, in the middle of nowhere.

                                                                                          • Mark Lambert
                                                                                            Mark Lambert  5 months back

                                                                                            Bill McCaffrey i am okay with what they did because it was an educational moment. If he was out flying recon or something like that I would totally agree. Like you said FAA might think differently about it.

                                                                                        • Max Hanna
                                                                                          Max Hanna  5 months back

                                                                                          Hey Destin Love the video keep up the good work i love all your videos and learn a lot from them every day!

                                                                                          • David Dyer
                                                                                            David Dyer  5 months back

                                                                                            I remember a TV show with a jet-powered helicopter. I knew it wasn't possible.

                                                                                          • James Phipps
                                                                                            James Phipps  5 months back

                                                                                            I don't have Twitter but if u can do one on paramotors. It's the fan thing u strap to ur back and u have a parachute glider above you