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  • Published: 14 December 2012
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Comments • 3 539

  • jenosmurf
    jenosmurf  4 days back

    Hey Johan ik ben ook Nederlands

    • Simeon B
      Simeon B  5 days back

      How do you aim a laser at something you can't even see with the most powerful telescopes on earth? Especially since it takes a 3 second round trip to know that you've hit it...

      I'm calling BS on the reflectors.

      • John Jay
        John Jay  4 days back

        @Simeon B Aiming a torch connected to a precisely aligned alt/az telescope mount? No, I wouldn't question the feasibility of that, since aiming the telescope is pretty routine.

        Oh, I get it. You're arguing from a position of ignorance. You call BS on anything you don't understand. If you don't know how something works, it's fishy. Well, ignorance makes a pretty poor argument. The good news for you is that ignorance is curable. Why don't you learn how telescope mounts work, then it won't be such a mystery to you.

      • Simeon B
        Simeon B  4 days back

        @John Jay So it's like shining a torch at a watch face about a kilometres away... And you didn't question the feasibility of any of that?

      • John Jay
        John Jay  5 days back

        @Simeon B I'm not really sure what you mean. The same way we aimed at anything else. The only difference being that the moon moves against the background of stars, so you have to translate a moon lat/lon location into an azimuth/elevation for the telescope. By the time the laser gets to the moon the beam is several kilometers wide, and we only kept it on firing bursts of light for a few seconds at a time. The moon doesn't move very far during the round trip, so it's not hard to hit the target.

      • Simeon B
        Simeon B  5 days back

        @John Jay How did you aim the laser at the reflector?

    • kuna coins
      kuna coins  7 days back


      • Kit Canyon
        Kit Canyon  6 days back

        They didn't destroy the evidence. Who told you they did? Some other of low IQ moron on YT?

    • coisasnatv
      coisasnatv  1 weeks back

      Here a few documented data about reflecting a laser of the moon without the Apollo mirror.
      Louis D. Smullin & Ggiorgio Fiocco (30 June 1962) "Optical Echoes from the Moon". Nature 194, (1267) doi:10.1038/1941267a0
      The New York Times (5 November 1963) "Soviet bounces light beam off moon in a laser test"
      Thomas Maloy, Howard Sochurek (December 1966) "The Laser's Bright Magic". National Geographic 130, (874-6)

      • John Jay
        John Jay  5 days back

        @coisasnatv I just went back and watched that segment of the Mythbusters episode. They did NOT say that it was impossible to do the ranging without a reflector.
        Adam Savage said: "We shined that laser at the moon on the second test, and we got a clear spike back. Photons came back to our receptor. The only way that that could happen is if there was a piece of man-made equipment up on the moon to reflect them back."
        So they merely demonstrated that they did not get a return from a random location on the moon, but did get a nice spike from where one of the retroreflectors was placed by Apollo.
        Even if you interpret his comment to mean what you said, he'd be wrong. It doesn't make any sense to say it's impossible. The moon reflects light - that's why we can see it. Therefore the moon's natural surface WILL reflect laser light. It's just that without the retroreflectors, you have to get very lucky and have a photon bounce directly straight back to your detector. That doesn't happen very often.
        On Mythbusters if they a) used a more powerful laser or b) kept the laser pointed at the moon longer, eventually they would have gotten some laser photons returned. The problem is they wouldn't have any idea where it came from - the top of a mountain or the bottom of a valley. That makes it useless for getting a precise distance. On the other hand we know exactly where we left the retroreflectors, and we can use a less powerful laser for a shorter amount of time and get a much more accurate measurement. And THAT'S why we took the retroreflectors to the moon.

      • John Jay
        John Jay  5 days back

        @coisasnatv Well, whoever says that is wrong.

      • coisasnatv
        coisasnatv  5 days back

        @John Jay No, no, no, no... They say it was *IMPOSSIBLE TO DO IT WITHOUT IT* (check the mythbusters episode 104).

      • John Jay
        John Jay  5 days back

        Yes, we did it before Apollo. We also did it with radar before Apollo. The retroreflectors just make it easier and more accurate.

    • DJ Regnier
      DJ Regnier  1 weeks back

      ABBA wrote a song about the naysayers , the shallow thinker, etc....
      The song, called 'What About Livingston', honors all explorer's.

      ABBA defends the spaceman/space travel by invoking the famous explorer of Africa.

      • Lynn Ulrich
        Lynn Ulrich  2 weeks back

        Nasa is a big fat LYING government organization! Stealing our tax $$ to lie to us! Earth is NOT a spinning ball! Wheres the curve? Whats the formula for the curve??

        • SpottedSharks
          SpottedSharks  2 weeks back

          You're welcome, btw

        • SpottedSharks
          SpottedSharks  2 weeks back

          The formula is right here:

          distance(km)=ACOS(COS(RADIANS(90-Lat1))*COS(RADIANS(90-Lat2))+SIN(RADIANS(90-Lat1))*SIN(RADIANS(90-Lat2))*COS(RADIANS(Long1-Long2)))*6371 km.

          This formula calculates the correct distance between any two points on a SPHERE with a radius of 6371 km. Why does it work if earth is flat? The distance formula for a plane is entirely different. Why does the formula for a SPHERE work in the real world?

      • bogen broom
        bogen broom  3 weeks back

        Space is Fake........
        The Earth is Flat and Motionless.......Fact...

        • Kit Canyon
          Kit Canyon  6 days back

          All incorrect and provable. FE? Not one once of proof.

          Makes you look pretty lame, bro.

        • Yazzam X
          Yazzam X  2 weeks back

          Zero facts stated :-) .....Fact...

      • 2G-5G Microwave Wifi Radiation

        watch: NASA TRUTH ALERTS! by subphotonic

      • AmericanPatriot 1776
        AmericanPatriot 1776  3 weeks back

        With all the space dust and debris flying through space at a break-neck speed, how were they able to secure those "reflectors" from the barrage of incoming. Also we don't need reflectors on the moon, we use a system called a moon bounce that works just as well.

        • Yazzam X
          Yazzam X  2 weeks back

          @AmericanPatriot 1776 - What has the Van Allen belts got to do with this?

          Please don't tell me that you actually think the belts effects ROCK and dust? :-)

          And while you're here, read the following please;

          Google Search: *Asteroid Fast Facts | NASA,* and click on the first link with that title.

          Quote: "Every day, Earth is bombarded with more than 100 tons of dust and sand-sized particles"

          So, you were saying? :-)

        • AmericanPatriot 1776
          AmericanPatriot 1776  2 weeks back

          @Yazzam X I thought we were talking about the moon. Okay, we'll change the subject. As far as space out there, there is a huge difference between what is on this side of the Van Allen Belts and what's 60,000 miles up on the other side in OPEN SPACE. I thought you would know this.

        • Yazzam X
          Yazzam X  2 weeks back

          ​@AmericanPatriot 1776 - You said "There is an incredible small and large debris storm constantly bombarding space everywhere ALL THE TIME. That is what space is all about"

          And yet the space station has been in orbit around the Earth for twenty years and the only impact it's know to have had is believed to have come from a man made object (possibly a fleck of paint)!

          And astronauts have been out in space on spacewalks since 1965, and up to 9 hours out in space with nothing but their spacesuits, and yet they are not ripped apart by all that debris.

          And the two Voyager craft were launched in 1977, where BOTH have now been in space for over 42 YEARS travelling away at incredible speed, both have left our solar system, and yet BOTH are still working today!

          So yes there is debris out in space, yes it is potentially dangerous, but to claim it is so bad that the reflectors on the moon should have been destroyed by now is nonsense.

          Facts matter my friend, they really do :-)

        • AmericanPatriot 1776
          AmericanPatriot 1776  2 weeks back

          @Yazzam X Uh, no I don't have an exaggerated view. Sorry to burst your bubble. There is an incredible small and large debris storm constantly bombarding space everywhere ALL THE TIME. That is what space is all about,. exploding stars send off dust and debris at the same rate of speed as it was when it exploded. No friction to slow it down. This isn't Star Trek.

        • Yazzam X
          Yazzam X  2 weeks back

          You miss the point and purpose of using reflectors, and you have an exaggerated view of the dust and debris in space :-)

      • Reuel T
        Reuel T  3 weeks back

        We have been lied to AGAIN?
        If NASA had to put a reflector on the moon, it doesn't is proves that the moon is never a reflector that reflects light from the sun?
        The so-called "laser lunar ranging" experiment had stopped in 2009 and you produce this video in 2012.

        • Yazzam X
          Yazzam X  2 weeks back

          You fail to understand the purpose of the reflectors, and anyone with the right equipment can fire a laser at those reflectors to measure the distance, they were not limited to NASA.

      • Jakub Checinski
        Jakub Checinski  4 weeks back

        The only thing left on the moon is your imagination.

        • Fask
          Fask  3 weeks back


      • Terry Winter
        Terry Winter  1 months back

        NASA says the Apollo flags on the moon are still there but a soviet space craft in earth orbit put a flag outside there space craft and the flag was nearly gone after 18 hours from all the micro meteorites hitting it, so please explain that

        • Yazzam X
          Yazzam X  3 weeks back

          There's nothing to explain because your claim os false. Go ahead and present evidence to support your Soviet flag claim please.

      • hyperqprime
        hyperqprime  1 months back

        We never went to the moon

        • Yazzam X
          Yazzam X  1 months back

          'We' did, from 1969 to 1972 :-)

      • PowerOf One
        PowerOf One  1 months back

        Only brainwashed people believe man went to the moon.

        • Frank M
          Frank M  1 months back

          One word proves the moon landings didn't happen, at least how we were told. That word is "dust". Dust floating around in the capsule in zero G is deadly. How did they keep all the moon dust on their suits out of the capsule?

        • Rahul Hossain
          Rahul Hossain  1 months back

          *SHORT ANSWER:* *it was to measure how fast the moon was and to see if it is moving away or closer*

          • Gary Ryan
            Gary Ryan  1 months back

            Do you really believe that the Americans are the only people smart enough to build a rocket capable of taking a man to the moon and back . ? Not one other country has done this . How could we have done it 50 years ago ? This alone proves we did not go . Because everybody would have gone by now . That"s a fact . Smarter everyday . If you can think for yourself .

            • Yazzam X
              Yazzam X  1 months back

              @Gary Ryan - It's not all about being smarter.

              Do you REALLY not understand what the USA, USSR and China have in common?

              Do you REALLY not see why only the USA, USSR and China and NO OTHER NATIONS have built rockets/craft capable of taking people into space?

              Ask yourself why ONLY they have done it over the last 58 YEARS.
              Do you REALLY think it's because the USA, USSR and China are smarter than all other countries?

              By your logic, all manned space travel must be a hoax because other nations should have done it themselves by now. Right? :-)

              Go to Google Images and search for: *Nasa Budget as a percentage of Federal Budget*

              Click on one of the images with red bars.

              Are you REALLY saying you can't see what made the Apollo missions possible in the budget over the years? Are you REALLY saying when you look at the budget that you can't see what it took to made manned moon landings possible?

              Btw, the last supersonic passenger flight was in 2003 on board Concorde which first flew in 1969. Please point out how going from TWICE the speed of sound to less than the speed of sound is an example of technology going forwards :-)

            • Gary Ryan
              Gary Ryan  1 months back

              @Yazzam X You think the Americans are smarter then every other country 50 years ago . No one can duplicate what the USA did 50 years ago . That includes the USA . Technology dose not go backwards .

            • Yazzam X
              Yazzam X  1 months back

              The USA and USSR were the first to build rockets capable of sending men into space in 1961. It wasn't until 2003 (42 YEARS later) that China became the third nation to achieve that thanks to help from Russia.

              NO OTHER COUNTRY has sent people into space on rockets that they've built! So if only THREE nations in HISTORY has ever built rockets capable of sending people into space, how can you expect other countries to have sent people to the moon when they haven't even achieved low Earth orbit yet?

          • Citizen of Earth
            Citizen of Earth  1 months back

            They started bouncing lasers off the moo in 1962.

            • Citizen of Earth
              Citizen of Earth  2 weeks back

              @Yazzam X It's as bad on this side of the fence as you describe over there. No Coriolis effect, no moon landing, no gravity proof, no relativity proof, no proof of earth rotation through experiments, satellites on balloons, wires on space station, lies lies lies. It's daunting no matter what side you end up on so proofs just end up in the trash below your opinions and fake news links.

            • Yazzam X
              Yazzam X  2 weeks back

              ​@Citizen of Earth - Actually I've already dealt with it, only I forgot this topic video blocks links and so you couldn't see it, so I'll repost a modified version of my previous reply (without the links);


              Regurgitating easily debunked hoax claims doesn't make your point my friend :-)

              The petrified wood in 2009 was an error made by a Dutch *Art* museum who claimed a rock donated to them was from the moon, despite being warned in 2006 that it probably wasn't from the moon for the following reasons;

              1) That rock was given to the Dutch Prime Minister by the *US ambassador* in commemoration of the Apollo 11 astronaut's visit. The documentation didn't say it was from the moon.

              Link: Search Google for: *Fake dutch moon rock causes embarrassment for museum Dailymail* , and click on the first link found.

              2) It was given to the Dutch Prime Minister just 3 MONTHS after Apollo 11. The moon rocks as gifts to nations were given out by NASA a full ONE YEAR after Apollo 11.

              3) The Dutch Prime Minister's rock was completely unprotected. Whereas ALL the gifts of moon rocks given out by NASA to other nations were encased in a sphere of Lucite resin for protection and mounted on a plaque, stating where it came from.

              Link: Search Google *Images* for: *Apollo Moon Rocks Plaque*

              4) The Dutch Prime Minister's rock was big. The moon rocks given out as gifts to nations/states were tiny samples inside Lucite resin.

              So everything pointed to that rock NOT coming from the moon, the museum was warned it's unlikely to come from the moon, but they ignored the warning and displayed it as a moon rock just the same.

              Three years later, that museum had to face the embarrassment of finding out that the warning was correct! They even laughed about it afterwards.

              For more information, including the Dutch museum that the moon rocks from NASA went to, watch the following YouTube video;

              Link: Search *YouTube* for: *xNMnPkQZNjk* , and click on *Dutch Moon Rock Story Dead! FOUND!*

              Therefore the moon rocks given to the Netherlands by NASA are still where they've always been.

            • Citizen of Earth
              Citizen of Earth  2 weeks back

              @Yazzam X You will have to just deal with my vague and unfounded claims and think for yourself on this one.

            • Yazzam X
              Yazzam X  2 weeks back

              ​@Citizen of Earth - You haven't actually answered my question about the relevance of the balloons, you've only provided vague and unfounded claims.

              And I proved the the rock given to the Dutch Prime Minister by the US ambassador was never said to be from the moon, that was the error made by an Art museum.

              I showed you exactly where the moon rocks given to the Netherlands are kept, still mounted on the plaque and encased in Lucite resin.

              So why the dishonesty? I never understand the hypocrisy of conspiracy believers going on and on and on about authorities lying and yet you're so willing to deliberately lie yourselves.

              Is it because you think your lies are somehow justified?

              The way I see it, if truth really is on your side, then there should be no reason to lie to make your case :-|

          • Harry Stuckey
            Harry Stuckey  1 months back

            My mind is over heating

            • Pat Moynahan
              Pat Moynahan  1 months back

              Did you know they were bouncing lasers off the moon 7 yrs before apollo 11 check out article in national geographic magazine

              • John Jay
                John Jay  4 days back

                @Your Conscience I'll settle for one reason I'm wrong. What research have you done?
                My family and friends know I'm in aerospace engineering, so it would be a bit difficult for me to "hide my behavior".

                So how soon is this truth coming out? You must be one of the conspirators since you know about it. Are you Illuminati? Freemason? Lizardperson? Have I met you at the monthly meetings? I'm the one wearing a blue fez and a carnation.

              • Your Conscience
                Your Conscience  4 days back

                @John Jay "I know what kind of research you have done"
                Wow!, so you don't know me and you think that I haven't done real research, also that I am a rube and undereducated. I could list 100 reasons why you are wrong but I follow M. Twain's advice "never to argue with ignorant people, because they bring you down to their level and beat you with experience". I just want to tell you that your arrogance is not letting you think. You calling ME gullible and you say that Nasa went cruising on the moon in an electric car 50 years ago, it's just laughable. You either have been fooled or you know they are lying and you are defending them. In any case if I were you I would keep your behaviour regarding this matter hidden from friends and family because, again, the total truth will come out and you will be ridiculed or, if you in fact are a liar, the world will make Nasa and those like you pay for it.

              • John Jay
                John Jay  4 days back

                @Your Conscience Oh I know what kind of "research" you've done. In 50 years no one has come up with any actual evidence against the moon landings. People who actually work in the related fields know the landings happened - the only people who doubt them are under-educated, gullible rubes who "research" by reading conspiracy websites created by other ignorant people.
                Oh well, I guess everyone needs a hobby. Enjoy your paranoia.

              • Your Conscience
                Your Conscience  4 days back

                @John Jay "You've watched too many conspiracy videos"
                The fact that you don't even consider the possibility that I may have done my own research shows that your arrogance does not let you think.
                "People like you believe that is a massive conspiracy... even flat earth"
                The strategy of belittling people that know that Nasa lied by putting them at the same level of flatearthers doen't work, try something new.
                You want to believe that 50 yrs ago astronauts went cruising on the moon in an electric car, fine. Again the truth will soon come out and Nasa and all its accomplices who knowingly helped it perpetuate the lie will be covered in shame and hopefully some courageous judge will start an investigation. They lied to millions of people, including children, taking advantage of their good faith.

              • John Jay
                John Jay  5 days back

                @Your Conscience Yeah, it's always "soon the complete truth will come out" as if you have some inside secret knowledge. The actual truth is that you've watched some conspiracy videos repeating the same old debunked nonsense. For some reason people like you cling to the belief that there's a massive conspiracy to hide things (moon landings, chemtrails, 9/11, even flat Earth for crying out loud). It never occurs to you that if there really were some massive conspiracy, you would be the LAST to know.

            • Your Conscience
              Your Conscience  1 months back

              This is embarrassing, I wonder how much these people get paid for doing this NASA propaganda

              • John Jay
                John Jay  5 days back

                @Yazzam X I got my NASA shill check this month. Didn't you get yours?

              • Yazzam X
                Yazzam X  1 months back

                Ah yes, the classic "getting paid" attack, straight out of the "Conspiracy Believer's Handbook" :-)

            • Crystal Davis
              Crystal Davis  2 months back

              Why NASHOLES left reflectors on your brain. There’s nothing left on the moon because no one went and no one can go there.

            • Petar Paskov
              Petar Paskov  2 months back

              The reflector also "sends" a beam of light back to Sun ;)

              • Ryan Hegseth
                Ryan Hegseth  2 months back

                They were bouncing lasers off the moon way before the Apollo missions

                • J Calhoun
                  J Calhoun  3 weeks back

                  Yes they were. And the measured distances varied by miles. After the reflectors came into use, the variation in measured distance dropped to fractions of an inch.

                • Yazzam X
                  Yazzam X  1 months back

                  That's because you don't understand the purpose of the retro-reflectors.

              • Sheldon Dinkleberg
                Sheldon Dinkleberg  2 months back

                Omg!!.!/!!/!/! On moon!

                • alpha beta
                  alpha beta  2 months back

                  The Russians left two reflectors on the moon. They did it ROBOTICALLY.

                  • Yazzam X
                    Yazzam X  1 months back

                    Correct, with missions that were tracked, hence they didn't appear in secret or by magic, and they sit on top of rovers which are still there.
                    The Apollo reflectors were used within days of being placed on the moon's surface during Apollo 11, Apollo 14 and Apollo 15.
                    So if they were not placed there by the Apollo missions, then how did they get there when it would have been impossible to send unmanned missions to the moon in secret, much less to the Apollo landing sites?

                • DeathbyDickey Ttv
                  DeathbyDickey Ttv  2 months back

                  Isn’t that place in Huntsville Alabama

                  • Timothy Burdette
                    Timothy Burdette  2 months back

                    It was an awesome movie set , obviously their lies will finally expose them . Some conspiracies are true rather you believe them or not! Thank God for truth seekers!

                    • seigeengine
                      seigeengine  1 months back

                      People have been trying for fifty years now. Not a single bit of dirt on it.

                      Some conspiracies ARE true, but the moon landings really happened, and the supplied evidence is real.

                    • Yazzam X
                      Yazzam X  1 months back

                      You mean, "Our own version of the truth"-seekers :-)
                      And the Apollo surface footage is impossible to fake in a studio. Fact :-)

                  • Wahyu Anggoro Wijaksono
                    Wahyu Anggoro Wijaksono  2 months back

                    0:17 that's a new conspiracy!

                    • Phaze 254
                      Phaze 254  2 months back

                      That's awesome

                      • Dan Harakis
                        Dan Harakis  2 months back

                        the new York times wrote that we never went to the monn landed and returned. ..Nixon was good friends with walt Disney. Α Ω

                        • Thomas Kundera
                          Thomas Kundera  2 months back

                          Then the NYT was wrong.
                          Inform you better.

                      • barry mcdougal
                        barry mcdougal  2 months back


                        • Thomas Kundera
                          Thomas Kundera  2 months back

                          Trying to convince you to stop WRITING ALL CAPS?
                          They unfortunately failed.

                      • Throwaway AVClubber
                        Throwaway AVClubber  2 months back

                        Holy cow, you've got a lot of flat-earthers/moon-deniers trolling your comments.

                        Good video.

                        • M Mike
                          M Mike  2 months back

                          Shoulda left one of the amazing pre pocket calculator phones (that nasa lost along w every item and all data) up there. Could call and listen to deep space. Or a GIANT foldable reflector. They fit a folding dune buggy in that tiny paper mache and gold scarf lander, giant relector seems like no brainer

                          • John Jay
                            John Jay  4 days back

                            @M Mike Oh I got the implications. That came through very clearly. You're a nutcase.

                          • M Mike
                            M Mike  4 days back

                            The Grammar Martinet, eyes clamped shut, swoops in to cover scientism's nakedness.

                            Native speakers of English can easily suss out the implications of said gibberish. Even you, a hapless victim of scientism's mesmerisms, have done so on a subconscious level.

                          • John Jay
                            John Jay  5 days back

                            @M Mike Congratulations, that is the most unintelligible wall of gibberish I've seen in a long time.

                          • M Mike
                            M Mike  1 months back

                            @seigeengineno doubt at all? "Blue marble" was up 42 yrs. When questioned they admitted "no earth image from space" (read the confession "as people Expect things to look" is their m.o. put a replica up moved some clouds and thats the real deal? They get the 'astronauts' young via a no publicity IQ test. For indoc. Upper Eng. 10th gr. (no math) at 'good' State public schools. Is very forgettable, when offer comes hard to relate test to "You're invited to CapeCanav"(maybe elsewhere now)
                            . School does not know what test is for. Gotta call to fig. Out. 10-15 nationwide (on an irregular non sched.) These are the spokespeople admins and astroturfs. True believers if the initial training takes. Theyre NASA. And alt reasons (patriotism, securiy etc) are justified repeatedly, drilled into 15-16 yos. The Israeli twins lately in "hair never pulled straight down or anywhere but back and up but toothbrush flies willy nilly cargo planestation". Guarantee. Grads. Like the test, everything is forgettable - technique im unaware how works. Limited access, shruggy friend open attitude, no follow up, etc (probably). All the trust is from space fakery. All thr money is for other stuff. Its fed. but civilian (soon going to private sector because US Gov liable for fraud and damages). It aint tight knit high group of trained discipline. Its greedy goofballs and intel. I went. Left cuz ot was weird (wasnt physics and astronomy touted in brochure). Still believed all their bs. They dont conspire to trick - all the info is avail. (See legal liability above). The "myths' and "theories" are all true (the 'sciency" lies (no science used)conclusions sometimes wrong because assumption science is real. Space X gonna get NASA(money will be reason tho both are funded by us intel-propaganda budget - theyll just stop telling us its spent - 70m a day aint enough! "Muh too broke for moon but any day now any whoops later butvany day.". Tesla guy is a cypher and will take fall (-0 profit forever, scare mongers AI and pushes 'space real' and gets a horrible fake 'space live film') The lie is being unveiled Soon bevready. Pretty sure space Force is the set up for 'discovering' the lie. Satellites are on hot air balloons. We cant see beyond or travel out of atmosphere. Thats coming too. Astrophysics gravity are scams. Thus only a homeless bum beholden to zionists and a vegetable are official "geniuses". Both astrophysicists? Funny coincidence! Fathers of the Astrophys all have doubleted unique or mocking names and nothing but school texts confirm theirvexistence? Hm.
                            Take it or leave it. Good luck

                        • Phil Indeblanc
                          Phil Indeblanc  2 months back

                          Lets make 98% of the story about reflectors we use in real life, then associate that to the fantasy of NEVER using reflectors, or discuss the actual reflectors that are supposedly on the moon! Applause anyone?
                          There are MANY channels setup on yOutube, JUST like textbooks in school. You have to be a dodo brain not to understand this. This "Everyday" channel is a great example of his gullible approach to a narrative of accepting everything some space authority has handed him. What a shame., and a sham to the public. Oddly, it does present great material who already know the moon landings were BS to begin with. Makes for entertaining material.

                          • Phil Indeblanc
                            Phil Indeblanc  1 months back

                            @seigeengine LOL, so now you can read it, and perhaps comprehend what I was saying, or did you not understand and took it as a daggar to your belief? Either way, you are now here not responding about it, just crying about me. and your drinking problem. I would like to play into your personal pain and how hurt you are about what I said, as no one would simply lash out to a perfect stranger on a YouTube video comment section...UNLESS you had a hangover, or drunk?!!
                            All you are to me is a couple lines on a computer screen. But living your life as an alcoholic will not do anyone any good. You will be a burden on your family, and you might not even pass your science classes. Try to focus and do well in school. Let me know when you get to interesting subjects in school.

                          • seigeengine
                            seigeengine  1 months back

                            Let's be real. You couldn't out-think me if I just woke up with the worst hangover of my life.

                            Keep rambling about how your own incompetence constitutes evidence.

                          • Phil Indeblanc
                            Phil Indeblanc  1 months back

                            I have to give him credit, he is the one who pinpointed that all the windows in all the time have had these O-rings that have never been serviced. Its almost like a comedy show with Don Petit.

                          • Phil Indeblanc
                            Phil Indeblanc  1 months back

                            @seigeengine Thank you, I corrected what you couldn't think yourself out of.

                          • seigeengine
                            seigeengine  1 months back

                            A narrative can't be gullible. You're so deranged you can't even use adjectives correctly.

                        • NH Nayeem
                          NH Nayeem  2 months back


                          • Conner Monsjou
                            Conner Monsjou  2 months back

                            I’m going to try to come back in 10 years, ima miss dis comment


                            • Geovanie Guevarra
                              Geovanie Guevarra  2 months back

                              hay naku sa sobrang katalinuhan na ng tao nabobobo na ang mga tao, simple lang namn ibinigayu ng tao sa tao para mabuhay, kaluluwa tapos lahat babalik sa lupa pati katalinuhan bobo talga.

                              • Michael Angelo
                                Michael Angelo  2 months back

                                You can't go to the Moon the Moon is the light the Earth is flat

                              • Coolboyisabeast
                                Coolboyisabeast  2 months back

                                My mind is dead

                                • Ricky Webb
                                  Ricky Webb  2 months back

                                  Haha watch a 30 minute documentary on how we went to the moon and you will definitely know we didn’t go. Y r we being lied too ...QUESTION EVERYTHING

                                  • Yazzam X
                                    Yazzam X  2 months back

                                    On the contrary, anyone with a basic knowledge of science and engineering will know that we did go, landing on the moon 6 times from 1969 to 1972.
                                    As for "QUESTION EVERYTHING", you obviously mean question everything except the claims made by conspiracy theorists ;-)

                                • Srinivas. Thirankar. Madavi

                                  Wt am I doing here???

                                  • R bergs
                                    R bergs  2 months back

                                    Riiiiiight. So this 40 year old piece of equipment is STILL sending data to earth from 200,000 miles away. (Remember, we only had landline phones then, no wifi, and could barely get a radio signal on an am/fm radio if it wasn't less than 50 miles away.) 🤨 OOOHHHKAAAY. 🤓

                                    • Fra32
                                      Fra32  1 months back

                                      I agree, there is no way that mirror still sends data. The concept of sending information via photons is way outdated by now, most materials don't even support the framework anymore. Nowadays, if you want to measure anything, you need to use 5G radiation, it's the only thing modern software is compatible with and has been purposefully designed to penetrate any material, including miles of vacuum.

                                      Please don't tell me you needed to see a \s to know this wasn't serious.

                                    • Yazzam X
                                      Yazzam X  2 months back

                                      ??? Who said it's sending data back to Earth? Besides, did you know that mirrors that are centuries old can still return your reflection if you look at them ;-)

                                    • J Calhoun
                                      J Calhoun  2 months back

                                      Please don't presume to judge others through the filter of your abject stupidity, freak.

                                  • James Weatherly
                                    James Weatherly  2 months back

                                    Sorry, little error, It was Apollo 12, 14 and 15 that put down the reflecters

                                    • MontyFox
                                      MontyFox  2 months back

                                      James Weatherly No they were right with Apollo 11. You can google the audio of Neil stating to Houston that he put the the laser reflector down

                                  • Anthony E Huggins Jr
                                    Anthony E Huggins Jr  2 months back

                                    What happens when you use all of the same instruments (except for the lazer) and same distances with much weaker lasers? Will this have an effect on the time delay?

                                    • seigeengine
                                      seigeengine  1 months back

                                      No, it won't have any effect on time delay. You might not get any reflection at all visible from Earth though, as even highly focused light, like that from lasers, disperses quite a bit over these distances.

                                    • Thomas Kundera
                                      Thomas Kundera  2 months back

                                      Speed of light does not depends of wavelength or beam energy in vacuum.

                                  • Truthasivebeen Shown
                                    Truthasivebeen Shown  2 months back

                                    You really buy into this stuff huh ? Or do you just do it for the views and you laugh at the viewers ?

                                    • Bugsy
                                      Bugsy  2 months back

                                      😄i still don't get it,lol

                                      • Steve's WideAwake
                                        Steve's WideAwake  3 months back

                                        lets see how smart you are?... Some questions.

                                        1. Where is the blast crator under the luna module and why no dust on the feet of this module??

                                        2. how did they film the luna module blasting off from the moon in 1969??

                                        3. What network did they use in 1969 to send this video file 225623 miles back to earth??

                                        4. What power supply and transmitter was used in 1969 to send the video 225623 miles back to earth??

                                        • seigeengine
                                          seigeengine  1 months back

                                          1. Physics.
                                          2. They didn't.
                                          3. The one they built.
                                          4. The ones on the Apollo spacecraft.

                                        • Yazzam X
                                          Yazzam X  2 months back

                                          My friend, you can find the answers to ALL those questions if you spent a little more time doing research and learning and less time watching conspiracy videos :-) So do you *really* want the answer? I'm more than happy to help.