UNDISPUTED Audio Podcast (08.21.19) with Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe & Jenny Taft | UNDISPUTED

  • Published: 22 August 2019
  • Topics ► Jaylon Smith's contract (0:15) ► Jerry Jones + Zeke (36:17) ►Jon Gruden + AB (1:02:07) ► Michael Rapaport (1:27:07) ► Brady not the GOAT? (1:48:52).

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    About Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED:
    UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.

    UNDISPUTED Audio Podcast (08.21.19) with Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe & Jenny Taft | UNDISPUTED

    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
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Comments • 24

  • Claren Dennis
    Claren Dennis  7 days back

    Jenny sounded like she wanted to go on that trip with Unk Shay... and I heard that button comment Jenny, you ain't slick lol

    • Matthieu Thomas
      Matthieu Thomas  2 months back

      "Your blind and you cannot see" 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

      • Nickat1ne707
        Nickat1ne707  2 months back

        Dak over wilson lmao.... Look at what russ has done with a disgustingly bad o line since that second super bowl. Anyone that thinks dak over russ is smoking rock

          PRIYANSI KUMARI GUPTA  2 months back


          • Locolbew Productions
            Locolbew Productions  2 months back

            You must be high if you think dak is better than russell😂

            • Saddik Laaraiche
              Saddik Laaraiche  2 months back

              Help me paradise God's son's bless américain 28 Ain EL beida city Akid otman ORAN 🔯🇩🇿🅿🔢🔠💒💍❎❎😍😍😈😈👅👅😁😁🔞🔞🏪🏪🗽🗽🤗🤗🅾🅾🅾

              • Haku’s Wisdom
                Haku’s Wisdom  2 months back

                As a Redskins fan I’m noticing that Dan Snyder, Jerry Jones & Bob Craft is the last of the “old regime” style owners. They don’t give damn who you are, u going take this hometown discount lol.

                • OtolUMeF
                  OtolUMeF  2 months back

                  @ 16:23 Shannon keeping it real, pay me💵 what I'm worth💵

                  • Calvin Barron
                    Calvin Barron  2 months back

                    Keep rapaport awsy please

                    • SM baitreaper
                      SM baitreaper  2 months back

                      Man they should have traded Zeke day 1 of the holdout... And I would have done it if he was on my Giants and it was my call... No time for all the drama xD

                      • Jerry Kwerve
                        Jerry Kwerve  2 months back

                        Zeke and Antonio Brown. What else is new

                        • diggi juri
                          diggi juri  2 months back

                          About Skip and his Dak business on the QB rankings: so Dak is ranked 17th and Skip would prefer Russell Wilson, Matt Ryan, Carson Wentz, Jared Goff and Kirk Cousins to be below him. I give you Cousins, but Ryan, Wentz and Goff have all either been to the Super Bowl or have won an MVP, or even both (Wentz definitely was the MVP two seasons ago). So judging by achievement, you have to put these guys in front of him. Biggest question mark here is probably Carson Wentz bc if the injuries, but can't nobody tell me that there is an NFL front office that would choose Dak over Wentz if they had the choice. The pro Dak argument in Dak v Goff would probably be that Jared has a lot more talent around him, well Dak has played his entire career with a top 3 back (like Goff), has had a tremendously good Oline for at least 2 of his three years and has the better number one receiver (and Amari is srsly no slouch, I would put him in that 2nd receiver tier behind guys like Julio, AB, DHop, OBJ and maybe Davante Adams(I got this strange feeling I'm missing someone real obvious and making a fool outta myself rn) ). And I'm not even gonna give Skip the satisfaction of arguing for Russell over Dak, like it's debatable. It's not, it's freaking ridiculous. On another note: with all that put aside, even if Dak were better than those guys, and I mean even Helen Keller could come to the conclusion that he's not, he would be ranked 12th ffs. 12th. Tf are we talking about, he'd still be a middle of the pack guy who obviously deserves a spot in the league but is by no means considered great, why is guy getting so much hype and fuss

                          Edit: there we go, yeah Michael Thomas is prolly also better than Amari, altho I've never been really sold on him

                          • Ronnie Patton
                            Ronnie Patton  2 months back

                            I see nothing funny about Jerry's alleged joke. Jerry earned the right to joke? Zeke earned a new contract, he outperformed his rookie deal.
                            Look at Zeke's cash compensation for 2019, you will totally understand Zeke.

                            • LucidoMafia
                              LucidoMafia  2 months back

                              all that trouble though. the dude has probably covered up more than we know

                            • Hamish Langenberg
                              Hamish Langenberg  2 months back

                              How about he doesn't assault people and get suspended then maybe he will be in line for money worth his production

                          • deadman25us
                            deadman25us  2 months back

                            Rapaport dissed them while complimenting their style lmao.

                            • Juan Reeves
                              Juan Reeves  2 months back

                              Rapaport should have talked about how he got checked today by White Mamba😂😂

                              • Greg Guess
                                Greg Guess  2 months back

                                Jaylen Smith almost lost it all , and now he’s set for life .

                                He may have taken a bad deal , but he will have more contracts if he stays healthy .

                              • DANIEL ALEXANDER
                                DANIEL ALEXANDER  2 months back

                                *@**16:23** Shannon keeping it real, pay me💵 what I'm worth💵*

                                • Kevin Kaatz
                                  Kevin Kaatz  2 months back

                                  Shannon is the most entertaining person in media. Period!

                                  • Kevin Kaatz
                                    Kevin Kaatz  2 months back

                                    Jenny is smoking hot

                                    • Jovani Cruz
                                      Jovani Cruz  2 months back

                                      Lebron is a good man . Enough said

                                      • TRiX - NBA highlights
                                        TRiX - NBA highlights  2 months back

                                        True that... no matter what he does on the court he will be forever a legend off the court