90 in 90: Chile vs. Sweden | 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup™ Highlights

  • Published: 11 June 2019
  • Watch 90 minutes of Chile vs. Sweden in 90 seconds.

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    90 in 90: Chile vs. Sweden | 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup™ Highlights

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Comments • 68

  • FOX Soccer
    FOX Soccer   5 months back

    Were you surprised by the outcome?

    • Jorge Hernandez
      Jorge Hernandez  5 months back

      Nah. White women are better than latin american women in sports. It's a known fact. Viking power is real.

    • Eric Odegard
      Eric Odegard  5 months back

      @sammi luna
      Say more

    • Eric Odegard
      Eric Odegard  5 months back

      @sammi luna🙃

    • Eric Odegard
      Eric Odegard  5 months back


    • Jeff Subleski
      Jeff Subleski  5 months back

      Yes I thought the score would have been much higher. Also, it took them to 82nd minute to score. Either Chile is better than most people think or Sweden is worse. US plays Chile next that will tell us.

  • Xevier Red
    Xevier Red  5 months back

    Claudia Andler has no competition in looks.

    • Eric Pardo
      Eric Pardo  5 months back

      Did she call Chile, New Zealand???

      • Firebender 117
        Firebender 117  5 months back

        Yea chile lost yea

        • Inspirationist
          Inspirationist  5 months back

          I will watch USA vs Sweden for sure to see how well USA performs against better teams.

          • NextPensCity
            NextPensCity  5 months back

            Inspirationist, what your prediction for Sweden vs USA.

        • Can I get 10k subs With no vids

          The women’s World Cup is just as good as the men’s

          • Salamander
            Salamander  5 months back

            They should call this the white women's world cup.

            • 26
              26  5 months back

              Chile held on as long as they could, and goalkeeper Edler made some terrific saves, but I think Sweden's experience was going to get them over the line in the end. For their first game, Chile earned some pride, and I could see them earning a point later on.

              • Big Boss
                Big Boss  5 months back

                Second goal was scored by Zlatans half sister

                • Gary Tewa
                  Gary Tewa  5 months back

                  Congrats Chile - your first appearance in FIFA world cup, showed better than the other first timers in this challenging tournament.

                  • Kill Bill
                    Kill Bill  5 months back

                    Good luck playing USA. They will annihilate any womens team!

                    • Famous Tot
                      Famous Tot  5 months back

                      Only a women's game would get a rain delay lmao

                      • Lawrence Tomlinson
                        Lawrence Tomlinson  5 months back

                        It gets delayed until 30 minutes after the last strike...nothing to do with gender.

                      • Jeff Subleski
                        Jeff Subleski  5 months back

                        It was delayed do to lightening. Even the men's game gets delayed for that. Grow up.

                      • Nismo Cash
                        Nismo Cash  5 months back

                        They had to go back to the kitchen and prep the meals for the men

                      • Jeffame7
                        Jeffame7  5 months back

                        Chill, men's games get delayed all the time

                      • Odemdemz98
                        Odemdemz98  5 months back

                        It was cause of lightning

                    • cmamfgf
                      cmamfgf  5 months back

                      Honestly was not expecting Chile to hold out for so long.. esp given that Sweden's ranked #9. Was not surprised by the result but still happy at how well Chile played - will be rooting for them next time!

                      • Lover not a loser 2
                        Lover not a loser 2  5 months back

                        LETS GO SWEDEN!!

                        • Reagan Butrum
                          Reagan Butrum  5 months back

                          This was a bit longer than 90 seconds but that's alright. I'd rather see more of the game than miss out on important highlights.

                          • J Miranda
                            J Miranda  5 months back

                            Lmao chile was doing great no goals 80minutes then bam Sweden brought the rain delay and iced chili,guess it was too chillie for chile.

                          • idk
                            idk  5 months back

                            Honestly praying for Chile next game

                            • Ivann Zavala
                              Ivann Zavala  5 months back

                              Go Sweden 🇸🇪

                              • Greg Goodwin
                                Greg Goodwin  5 months back

                                That second goal she beat 5 or 6 defenders! Amazing

                                • Technologic
                                  Technologic  5 months back

                                  nobody bodied her for a tackle, she literally dribbled straight in and cut the ball to the side and shot haha

                                • Jeff Subleski
                                  Jeff Subleski  5 months back

                                  One on one only works against lesser teams.

                              • Matthew Leet
                                Matthew Leet  5 months back

                                Can you give us the broadcaster's names?

                                • James Wormsley
                                  James Wormsley  5 months back

                                  game delayed by rainy weather in the 72nd minute,seems legit

                                  • James Wormsley
                                    James Wormsley  5 months back

                                    lol meanwhile team USA dominated thailand 13-0 :)

                                  • Odemdemz98
                                    Odemdemz98  5 months back

                                    Literally lightning

                                • Jerry Vest
                                  Jerry Vest  5 months back

                                  Men’s World Cup > women’s World Cup

                                  • EctothermalPuppy
                                    EctothermalPuppy  5 months back

                                    Lingerie Football >NFL.

                                  • Alejandro Rodriguez
                                    Alejandro Rodriguez  5 months back

                                    Remember to take your cootie shots and don't forget to brush your teeth before bedtime, Jared.

                                  • Csokops10
                                    Csokops10  5 months back

                                    we couldn't agree more!!

                                  • No Bias
                                    No Bias  5 months back

                                    Thanks captain obvious.

                                • Romch
                                  Romch  5 months back

                                  Love how almost every Swedish player has the platinum blonde hair going for them 😂

                                  • Jorge Hernandez
                                    Jorge Hernandez  5 months back

                                    Fun fact is that it's still more multi cultural than the USWNT

                                  • Bo Lep
                                    Bo Lep  5 months back

                                    Well, it's SWEDEN!!!

                                • habanero
                                  habanero  5 months back

                                  Chile sucks 😂 both mens and womens national team 🤣

                                  • Juan Munoz
                                    Juan Munoz  5 months back

                                    @Jaime but it was penalties

                                  • javimiami92
                                    javimiami92  5 months back

                                    Alejandro Rodriguez the same folks that play for the USA: rich white middle class girls that go to college.

                                  • Alejandro Rodriguez
                                    Alejandro Rodriguez  5 months back

                                    @javimiami92 Then who would play on their club teams?

                                  • Alejandro Rodriguez
                                    Alejandro Rodriguez  5 months back

                                    Too soon, Will.