Portland Timbers vs. San Jose Earthquakes | A Playoff Spot Battle! | HIGHLIGHTS

  • Published: 08 October 2019
  • In this Week 31 match-up of the 2019 MLS Regular Season, Portland Timbers and San Jose Earthquakes square off in a Decision Day presented by AT&T showdown that will likely determine one of the final two Western Conference playoff spots.
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  • Dreamer K
    Dreamer K  3 weeks back


    • Wow Pow
      Wow Pow  2 months back

      Nobody even knows the playoffs are happening LOL. Somehow even pro playoff LACROSSE highlights are getting more views. That’s sad LMAO

      • JP 17
        JP 17  2 months back

        everything about the mls is weird

        • Cosmic Barrilet
          Cosmic Barrilet  2 months back

          lets be honest....San Jose played defensively all the season...I dont blame them given the poor team they have....even got to the Playoffs...Congrats Timbers....

          • SavagelyBeatenGabe
            SavagelyBeatenGabe  2 months back

            This is a bit hard to watch after watching the premier league highlights, the quality is kinda bad.

          • Trautfish Sports Channel
            Trautfish Sports Channel  2 months back

            4th to 8th sucks to see San Jose lose

            • Nick Regian
              Nick Regian  2 months back

              Man MLS has a loooong way to go before reaching Europe's Calibre... Why do American commentators need to shout? 🙄

            • Daniel Lukic
              Daniel Lukic  2 months back

              Portland scum. Out in the first week probably.

              • Richard WILSON
                Richard WILSON  2 months back

                *damn, that crowd tho*

                • 2ndEndingVintage
                  2ndEndingVintage  2 months back

                  1) GO Timbers !

                  2) Jerkoff MLS Highlights...every other match Sunday was posted within a few hours. It took you douches 2 days to post THIS game.

                  • B Benson
                    B Benson  2 months back

                    2ndEndingVintage: probably trying to get the editing out of the obvious red card tackle in the box, along with the bad decision on the obvious handball in the box.

                • Brandon Buendia
                  Brandon Buendia  2 months back

                  Trash goalie

                  • carlos pintor
                    carlos pintor  2 months back

                    I’m sure that earthquake regrets his decision for asking the ref to hurry up on the free kick 😂

                    • alajauan lewis
                      alajauan lewis  2 months back

                      Wondo can get it done in mls but not on international level quite a shame. Still not forgiven for what that miss at the last World Cup we were in. On top of that I think he needs a better squad San Jose been terrible forever and make him look like Zlatan or a dollar store version of Landon Donovan

                      • alajauan lewis
                        alajauan lewis  2 months back

                        DavePazz exactly! Like literally burried

                      • DavePazz
                        DavePazz  2 months back

                        Still, Donovan would have buried those goals missed by Wondo at the WC...

                      • Keynesian Economics
                        Keynesian Economics  2 months back

                        @alajauan lewis It's not a lie at all. He had five years at Leverkusen and a couple of loan stints at other European clubs and failed to settle in. His international record shows middling success, but the majority of his goals came against lowly South American teams. If he was world class, he would be have been able to adapt in Europe. Pulisic is only 21, yet he's already the better footballer, and he's frequently on the bench at Chelsea. It shows the difference in levels between Americans who do well in MLS and seasoned European footballers.

                      • alajauan lewis
                        alajauan lewis  2 months back

                        Keynesian Economics that’s a complete lie. He could of thrived in Europe but wanted to grow the game in the US and also take a easy route out and dominate I feel. But this man came thru in the clutch always on the international level so shut that bs up yo.

                      • Keynesian Economics
                        Keynesian Economics  2 months back

                        London Donovan wasn't some world class player. He was good in MLS, at a time when the standard was on par with the English Fourth Division. He had two stints in Europe and both times he flopped.

                    • Jerett Franklin
                      Jerett Franklin  2 months back

                      It's upsetting to see so many highlights now that aren't in high definition

                      • Leo Gomez
                        Leo Gomez  2 months back

                        Que Pinche defensa tan Jodida tiene San Jose

                        • Jason Day
                          Jason Day  2 months back

                          San Jose should be scary next year. We clean up those first 5-6 games and we don't need to worry about the last ones as much. Shame we are losing Espinoza though.

                          • Jason Day
                            Jason Day  2 months back

                            Joel Dube He was on loan and pretty sure Boca Juniors are taking him back.

                          • Joel Dube
                            Joel Dube  2 months back

                            Where’s he going?

                        • Aaron Vazquez
                          Aaron Vazquez  2 months back


                          • Team Forte
                            Team Forte  2 months back

                            para mi que o le tendieron la cama a almeyda o almeyda se quiere ir o algo porque el equipo empezó con todo, llegando incluso al tercer puesto, y al final de la temporada jugaban muy mal

                          • gonzalillo urbano
                            gonzalillo urbano  2 months back

                            Un defensa nunca se debe agachar en una falta, nunca, esto te lo enseñan en prebenjamines (en España la primera categoría federada) y van un jugador profesional y baja la cabezota y por ese hueco entra el balón. Si yo fuese el entrenador bajaría a este tipo al juvenil para que aprendiera algunos conceptos básicos del deporte más bello del mundo, nuestro amado fútbol

                        • Unknown Person
                          Unknown Person  2 months back

                          Congrats to Portland and their fans.

                          • Ryan
                            Ryan  2 months back

                            Hurts to see San Jose and Colorado miss the playoffs this season, I really wished both of them made it but both teams did good, good job Portland best of luck to you in the playoffs

                            • Hyago Henning
                              Hyago Henning  2 months back

                              Fuc* antifa !

                            • Gary Mauk
                              Gary Mauk  2 months back

                              Feeling very condfient going into the game vs RSL will probably have Valeri back and Brian Fernandez hope for him all the best in his drug treatment with MLS we need Valeri for this Cup run but Blanco is good be super important he's our guy that leads the team with his energy.

                              • Gary Mauk
                                Gary Mauk  2 months back

                                @Unboxistic YT Important to take care of things outside the Soccer before playing again 👍 supporting Brian in anyway we can during this tough time for him.

                              • Gary Mauk
                                Gary Mauk  2 months back

                                @Unboxistic YT yea I know but what I heard was a quote from him saying he could be ready if we win the First round Brian might be back for Semis but IDK tho.

                              • Unboxistic YT
                                Unboxistic YT  2 months back

                                Gary Mauk Unfortunately Brian Fernandez is most likely out for the playoffs 😔

                            • Lexington Leffall
                              Lexington Leffall  2 months back

                              Damn, what a collapse for San Jose. I hope they’ll be good enough to make playoffs next season

                              • elijerrr
                                elijerrr  2 months back

                                2ndEndingVintage it was arguably some of the worst officiating you’ll see in mls history. I wish there was an action to be taken for the calls that were made. You have VAR and still make bad calls. 🤦🏻‍♂️

                              • 2ndEndingVintage
                                2ndEndingVintage  2 months back

                                They got screwed bigtime by ref calls in their 2 games before this. The difference would have been them making the playoffs, I believe.

                            • Nick Hardigg
                              Nick Hardigg  2 months back

                              I was at the game, that ref was terrible

                              • S L
                                S L  2 months back

                                the refs were bad here? what about that pen vs New England. probably the worst call I have ever seen live. That was the day I realized we would get no home playoff games because of the single game system. IMO does not match with the way soccer or football works, the only tournament in soccer that does that is the world cup, which is the king of randomness and annoying nerves and generally poor play compared to leagues.

                              • Unknown Person
                                Unknown Person  2 months back

                                @Julio Rojas Thank you.

                              • Lorric Logging
                                Lorric Logging  2 months back

                                Julio Rojas loyal but smallest, yes?

                              • Moderator III
                                Moderator III  2 months back

                                Garber is still butthurt over losing the Iron Front flag controversy thing to the Timbers Army

                                The bias is very clear

                              • Julio Rojas
                                Julio Rojas  2 months back

                                Unknown Person yes very popular probably the most loyal fan bases in mls