2019 Audi MLS PLAYOFF HIGHLIGHTS: FC Dallas 3, Seattle Sounders 4

  • Published: 20 October 2019
  • Watch how the back and forth battle between FC Dallas and Seattle Sounders FC went in to extra time at CenturyLink Field in the first round of the 2019 Audi MLS Playoffs.
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  • John Templeton
    John Templeton  4 weeks back

    Congrats on the hardware Rave Green, you started the playoffs with 1 of the best soccer games I've ever watched.

    • The Ortiz Project
      The Ortiz Project  2 months back

      If the league did not have playoffs, we would have been champions by now...

      • mantis1s1k
        mantis1s1k  1 months back

        If a frog had wings it wouldn't bump it's ass hoppin'.

    • Ayrton Arias
      Ayrton Arias  2 months back

      Well played Sounders

      • Território MLS
        Território MLS  2 months back

        Que volta por cima do Morris, depois de ter ficado 2018 inteiro parado por causa de lesão!
        Fique ligado que vai ter vídeo no nosso canal sobre os jogos, se inscreve lá!

        • tigerbalm
          tigerbalm  2 months back

          Jordan is a legit Superstar!

          • Dreams Wet
            Dreams Wet  2 months back

            Fc Dallas goalkeeper was shocking

            • Crazy Frog
              Crazy Frog  2 months back

              LET'S GOOO

              • Haziel Garcia
                Haziel Garcia  2 months back


                • The best panda !!!
                  The best panda !!!  2 months back

                  Let's go sounders!!!!!!! amazing game from both teams

                  • Gabriel Pazmino
                    Gabriel Pazmino  2 months back

                    What a game!!!!

                    • Nick Nguyen
                      Nick Nguyen  2 months back

                      Did the side ref actually call offside at 3:35?

                      • carlos pintor
                        carlos pintor  2 months back

                        Nick Nguyen yes you are right about that part

                      • Nick Nguyen
                        Nick Nguyen  2 months back

                        @carlos pintor Key phrase: when Seattle cleared the ball. Meaning the defender made an intentional play on the ball, so it can't be called offside.

                      • carlos pintor
                        carlos pintor  2 months back

                        because the Dallas player was offside and it hit him when Seattle cleared the ball

                    • BIG E
                      BIG E  2 months back

                      Fc Dallas might not win the playoffs but they have the battle an heart than anymore teams

                      • BIG E
                        BIG E  2 months back

                        merc 241 you realize they also were 1st place 5 times in a row in 5 seasons

                      • merc 241
                        merc 241  2 months back

                        Thats exactly why they trash

                    • villaboy jay
                      villaboy jay  2 months back

                      Fight till last ...

                      • TAGundam
                        TAGundam  2 months back

                        Thanks for another wasted season! :D Seriously, this is embarrassing. 25 years and y'all haven't done a thing beyond ABANDONING the team's tradition, LETTING GO our best players and hiring a coach that HASN'T DONE SHIT.
                        Founding member of MLS and we get to watch practically every other team in this league, even ones formed within the last decade win cups while FCD just spins the wheels! This team couldn't win a cup if Lamar Hunt came crashing down from Olympus and shoved the Philip F. Anschutz Trophy up Clark and Dan's ass.

                        Been a Burn fan since LITERALLY opening day, and all I see is my beloved home team just shit it's britches every year. Anyone wants to defend this shitshow go ahead. I've fucking had it. A QUARTER FUCKING CENTURY is enough heartbreak.

                        • Ayrton Arias
                          Ayrton Arias  2 months back

                          Bro enjoy the sports. Its not all about winning. Go sounders!

                        • TAGundam
                          TAGundam  2 months back

                          @Nurcco Yeah man I admire your dedication but watching this team not just suck, but worse, be half decent and CHOKE for a quarter century is enough to make anyone frustrated so forgive me oh sports guru. Then again, pragmatism and sports fans rarely go well together. Good news though! My relationship with this team is irrelevant. The "No True Scotsman" and "Loyalty Purism" fallacy since is prevelant in the cultish attitudes fans have towards their pet teams. Look. Love this shitshow all you want, and I wish you happiness. I'm telling you now, This team's LONG TERM relationship with success is, has been, and will be THE problem, and in my opinion the DTID faithful have been going WAY TOO EASY on the leadership and ownership of this bridesmaid franchise. I say again. Good for you if you loved this game. I hated it because I knew before opening kick our defeat was inevitable. We never had control until the Sounders were out of gas, and even then we couldn't capitalize when it mattered. Not good enough, though I'm glad this shit sandwich was seasoned to your liking. I wish I could have fun watching this nonsense. If we can talk shit at the Revs for never doing shit. If we can talk shit about Philly never doing shit, then we deserve the same criticism. God bless.

                        • Nurcco
                          Nurcco  2 months back

                          TAGundam if you can’t support your club no matter what then you aren’t a real fan. So what we lost this was a great performance unlike any Dallas team I’ve seen in the playoffs. Never seen fcd play with so much heart and desire. Good signs for what’s to come. But you can’t see it because your delusional

                        • Lee Gutierrez
                          Lee Gutierrez  2 months back

                          BIG E the problem with young players is they’re going to outgrow their team. Go play else where with someone better not everyone is gonna stay with fc dallas.

                        • BIG E
                          BIG E  2 months back

                          Mario L is right we got a great a academy so this we’ll be the best mls team