BORDERLANDS 2! - Looter Shooters w/ Lewis, Sjin, Harry & RyanCentral - 11/06/19 #AD

  • Published: 14 June 2019
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Comments • 33

  • Antlover420
    Antlover420  2 months back

    Such a butt clench at 1:09:52

    • Meowdy
      Meowdy  2 months back

      Who is who??

      • Basil Cragspire
        Basil Cragspire  2 months back

        Lewis: this dnper doesn't have a scope on it. Elephant gun.

      • Doyoumushroom
        Doyoumushroom  2 months back

        The lack of holding e to pick all up is dick ripping

        • Basil Cragspire
          Basil Cragspire  2 months back

          Sjin should get infinity for fast anatchy gains and a fixed projectile pattern

          • Basil Cragspire
            Basil Cragspire  2 months back

            @The sophistichimp there are ways to get around it like class mods/relics that boost magazine size but I didn't originally know that would happen so thank you

          • The sophistichimp
            The sophistichimp  2 months back

            Basil Cragspire yeah but gaige can't use the infinity pistol. Since he's going down the anarchy tree, he has to get smaller lighter faster which means the infinity has a zero magazine size so it can't be fired. It also doesn't reload even if he was to put one point into anarchy and go down a different tree. He needs to get a low level white Jacobs shotgun. There are lots of those which have a magazine size that's so low it has one shot. This way he can go to the target dummy and shoot that for fast and easy stacks

        • IndustrialBonecraft
          IndustrialBonecraft  2 months back

          What's funny is that the overpowered guns in Borderlands actually make the time to kill seem acceptable, as opposed to the excessively spongey normal state of the gunplay.

          • Gideon Victor
            Gideon Victor  2 months back

            Imagine how slow they'd progress without Ryan.

            • Rune
              Rune  2 months back


              • YouTube Red
                YouTube Red  2 months back

                Lewis' health at 1:06:25

                • Doyoumushroom
                  Doyoumushroom  2 months back

                  Strap on in for the night. Keen as heckers

                  • Jeffrey 778
                    Jeffrey 778  2 months back

                    they could do the level 30 characters than do the dragon keep dlc

                    • Harley Thor
                      Harley Thor  2 months back

                      Salvador Bounty: 99 Billion and 99 cents
                      Maya Bounty: 720 Billion

                      • Hawk of Battle
                        Hawk of Battle  2 months back

                        God they're still so bad, Lewis in particular. Not spending his skill points for multiple levels, selling his best guns, never buying ammo or health when there's venders right there, standing there looking down sights for 30 seconds whilst "Out of ammo" is flashing up in the middle of the screen, not even reading that his sniper was eating multiple rounds per shot, and the rest of them wasting ridiculous amounts of cash on Moxi's terrible guns. Literally the only thing keeping them alive right now is the golden chest drops.

                        Also they need to learn how to use Goliaths properly. You don't kill them instantly, you need to LET them rage and level up by kiting them into fighting smaller enemies, then kill them once they max out, to get better loot from them.

                        Oh and, "Handsome Jack's not really a bad guy is he." Fucking what??! Have you listened to ANY of his dialogue?

                        • Phazz
                          Phazz  2 months back

                          @Jyquin, you joking?
                          Handsome Jack is hilariously evil. Like so over-the-top evil, that you couldn't make a more stereotypically evil mastermind.
                          All he cares about is amassing power and demonstrating that power. He's not "trying to stop the bandit population", he's trying to get at the next Vault to get even more power and rule the fucking universe, while experimenting on and torturing countless "innocent people" (pretty much everyone on Pandora is a scumbag; no real innocency here), including his own daughter, with no remorse at all.
                          Hero, my ass.

                        • Jyquin
                          Jyquin  2 months back

                          Well Handsome Jack is the hero of Borderlands 2, he is trying to stop the bandit population whose favorite pastime is slaughtering innocent people, whereas Jack only kills bandits and bandit sympathizers.

                        • Simon's Only Fan
                          Simon's Only Fan  2 months back

                          Welcome to the Yogscast, first time?

                      • Jörgen Tännfäldt
                        Jörgen Tännfäldt  2 months back

                        R.I.P scooter! It is weird in the lore how only pcs are respawnable...

                        • Alias Unknown
                          Alias Unknown  2 months back

                          Death count totals are in brackets
                          Boomerang Ryan: downed 51(101), death 6(14)
                          One shot me Barry: downed 38(68), death 5(10)
                          Problem Deathtrap Sjin: downed 26(52), death 3(8)
                          Most overpowered player to the point where he sold his best weapon
                          Near enough the fight Lewis: downed 14(32), death 2(8)

                          • Alias Unknown
                            Alias Unknown  2 months back

                            Zac Roebuck If I am given a copy of each player’s view, I will do so

                          • Zac Roebuck
                            Zac Roebuck  2 months back

                            @Alias Unknown Enemies

                          • Alias Unknown
                            Alias Unknown  2 months back

                            Zac Roebuck Of other players or enemies?

                          • Zac Roebuck
                            Zac Roebuck  2 months back

                            Can we have a kill count ;p

                        • Alias Unknown
                          Alias Unknown  2 months back

                          Break ends at 1:29:25

                          • Leo Jude
                            Leo Jude  2 months back

                            I remember the yogscast since forever 😪 Madd memories in Minecraft with sips sjin building on their property, Simon having a weird addition to pigs and building a massive one, The huge Jaffa cakes corp. and how everyone has their own floor. And then obviously the racecar bed at the top. My favourite people to watch when I was younger 🤙🏽 keep the good work up 🙏🏽

                            • LG1T
                              LG1T  2 months back

                              When (b)ryan gets Release the Beast, he’s gonna be VERY tanky. Cant wait

                              • JupiterTheWizard
                                JupiterTheWizard  2 months back

                                SPEND YOUR SKILL POINTS LOU LOU! please...

                                • Heyo Jayo
                                  Heyo Jayo  2 months back

                                  Didn't know Eric Cartman was a member of the Yogs 🐸

                                  • WolfGames Surname
                                    WolfGames Surname  2 months back

                                    I can’t wait for the Bunk3r fight, because they are probably going to die a lot unless Lewis gets Bore.

                                    • Hawk of Battle
                                      Hawk of Battle  2 months back

                                      It's ok, he'll just put all his points into melee skills, then use a slow assed rocket launcher instead!