Everything Wrong With Star Wars: The Last Jedi

  • Published: 09 March 2019
  • *This video is a re-upload. Original release date: 6/22/18*

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    Star Wars: The Last Jedi is one of the most divisive movies of the 21st century. Most people either really love it or really hate it. But regardless of which side you land on, one thing is obvious: it has plenty of sins.


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  • CinemaSins
    CinemaSins   8 months back

    Hey guys! This video is a re-upload because the original version of this episode was no longer viewable. We’ll be posting these re-uploads every Saturday for the next few months. There are still NEW sins videos every Tuesday and Thursday!

    • christopher williamson
      christopher williamson  5 days back

      CinemaSins Kyle was able to confuse Snoke because he intended on killing his “true enemy”. As a Sith, your master will eventually become your enemy and the cycle continues.

    • Robert Telford
      Robert Telford  1 weeks back

      @Duncan McOkiner this would have been longer than the film by about an hour.

    • Robert Telford
      Robert Telford  1 weeks back

      The only thing that died in this film was my love for star wars as a franchise. Oh well nevermind onto the next movie series.

    • Edward Millard
      Edward Millard  3 weeks back

      the Snoke throne room fight scene is terrible, just watch robot heads and corridor crews video on it, i'm surprised you missed this.

    • Joseph Jardine
      Joseph Jardine  4 weeks back

      you should do trailer sins i made even my own sins up for the trailer 3rd rise of skywalker that i saw today

  • DoctorDovely
    DoctorDovely  12 hours back

    It's hard to find people who hated this movie,so it's great reading the comments,my faith is restored in this fandom

    • DoctorDovely
      DoctorDovely  12 hours back

      The Cinemasins of this putrid movie is the only way to watch it before The Rise of Skywalker

      • vh9network
        vh9network  19 hours back

        sins were too low for a terrible movie.

        • vh9network
          vh9network  19 hours back

          3:40 that girl from Netflix's Chewing Gum, when I saw her on the Rebel fleet I knew right away that this film was a comedy.

          • gelul12
            gelul12  21 hours back

            i died at the “i hate you comment”. Lmfao

            • DablonianDavis_FK
              DablonianDavis_FK  1 days back

              Sin: First order only used one f*cking cannon to destroy transports, should be half way through credits by now.

              • Sebastian Klein
                Sebastian Klein  2 days back

                These are no mistaktes... you are just talking something...

                • Danger Dash
                  Danger Dash  2 days back

                  If this is a joke, it's missing the punchline.

              • Mr. T-1000
                Mr. T-1000  2 days back

                I’m surprised that the first sin wasn’t “this movie existing”

                • Felipe Ruiz
                  Felipe Ruiz  2 days back

                  Did he just say the throne room fight was good?

                  • Kevin Smarts
                    Kevin Smarts  3 days back

                    I;m sure someone has pointed it out but just in case. Gravity works in space and a huge battle cruiser thingy with artificial gravity on all the decks to keep people from floating down the corridors will be generating enough gravity to attract objects from a relatively close distance. That's how the bombers work and that's why they don't need to use missiles on them as they are only for attacking capital ships. Using the ships excess gravity against it is not obvious to us not in that world but it still works.

                    • holet
                      holet  3 days back

                      God I hate this fucking movie!

                      • nearzero12
                        nearzero12  4 days back

                        "Holy f**k"

                        • Gabe
                          Gabe  4 days back

                          Movies are mostly circumstantial and left for imagination all for entertainment, this video was a waste of time, disliked.

                          • Danger Dash
                            Danger Dash  3 days back

                            This must be your first CinemaSins video. Also, you do realize this is part of a franchise and completely goes against itself, right? It's like Teen Titans vs Teen Titans Go.

                        • RazorGames
                          RazorGames  4 days back

                          The throne room scene was NOT well choreographed

                          • rlmross
                            rlmross  5 days back

                            13:04 best thing ever!!!

                            • Alec David Bauer
                              Alec David Bauer  5 days back

                              You missed a lot of sins

                              • Eli Dutko
                                Eli Dutko  5 days back

                                15:39 not worth taking a sin away and not really what you want to say about the worst lightsaber battle in all of the StarWars movies with probably the most and most dumb mistakes ever in a single scene in a movie of this scale, the scene had more mistakes and is less thought out than a highschool freshman group power point project that they had a week to complete but only started working on during the last day while.other people were presenting

                                16:39 Turning every space battle in the star wars universe in the last 5000+ years (since the invention of the hyperdrive) a complete waste of time and everything and destroying any space battle ever. Not to mention in the last 5000+ years the only person smart enough to figure it out was the purple haired lady with the tactical strategy and trust of a sack of potatoes AND HE TAKES AWAY A BUNCH OF SINS

                                What a fucking joke, honestly I'm unsubscribing now because I have lost faith in an honest critique, if I wanted this sort of lackluster shitty braindead review I would have gone to a should be dead movie review site that's too busy taking Disney's money to bother watching the movie, not the channel I used to watch that used to point out plot holes I had never noticed when I was young.

                              • CaptainRemixer
                                CaptainRemixer  5 days back


                                • Ryan Johnson
                                  Ryan Johnson  5 days back

                                  2:30 hell yes you need this comedic moment.

                                  If he respectfully gave the lightsaber back it would show that he at least has respect for that weapon which he doesn’t. This “joke” was used to show how little he cares about that weapon, if he respectfully gave it back it would show that he at the very least still gives importance to the lightsaber which he doesn’t.

                                  • Danger Dash
                                    Danger Dash  2 days back

                                    @Ryan Johnson It depends on how it's played and if it fits in the universe. In this case it just doesn't work. This is a character that many have looked up to as kids and see a lot of themselves in. Any other serious moments are ruined with complete stupidity. Almost every issue had a obvious solution that would've saved a useless trip or prevented a situation from escalating. How was it not supposed to be a serious moment? You're writing the hero as a hermit who's turned his back on everything he stood for, as well as now having to cope with the loss of a close friend (which they decided to cut from the movie for some reason).

                                    If the goal was to set up an era of mystery, then they should've pulled a Prototype and had Luke fall to the dark side.

                                  • Ryan Johnson
                                    Ryan Johnson  2 days back

                                    Danger Dash it’s possible for something to be comedic and also have serious undertones. Plus the movie had tons of serious moments without jokes, this just isn’t one of them. This also I don’t think was ever supposed to be a serious moment, even if it was played as a super serious way it wouldn’t be emotional, this moment was inevitable going to lead to the viewer having more questions then answers, “why didn’t he accept, why does he not seem to care about the lightsaber?” So even if it was played super emotionally the viewer wouldn’t go “oh this is so sad” they’d just ask themselves questions.

                                    In general it’s best for emotional moments to not happen when your also trying to set up an era of mystery.

                                  • Danger Dash
                                    Danger Dash  2 days back

                                    @Ryan Johnson Because it's meant to be a powerful emotional moment, he was someone that saw hope where others thought it didn't exist, that saw light that was obscured by darkness. Why ruin that by trying to make a joke out of it? Even children's cartoons understand this. Imagine the death scene in The Lion King made to be a joke. Would that work just as well? Imagine the time Azula nearly killed Aang in Avatar turned into a joke. Would that have the same effect? Even in My Little Pony, they treat serious moments as they are: seriously. This isn't Space Balls, This is Star Wars. It has its moments of comedy, but you don't need to make EVERYTHING a "ha ha" moment. This is one of the things that should've been left as it was.

                                  • Ryan Johnson
                                    Ryan Johnson  2 days back

                                    Danger Dash Why is it ruined with being funny. Also disgust is again a bad word to describe the emotion they were trying to create, they were trying to portray him having an emotion “oh a lightsaber ehh whatever” he doesn’t have disgust hatred or any strong emotions to it. He simple could care less about it.

                                  • Danger Dash
                                    Danger Dash  3 days back

                                    And that seriousness is ruined by trying to make it a "comedic" moment. You could've easily translated that feeling by simply having him slowly lower it with flashbacks to his trials in the OT before drooping it and walking off, or him tossing it to the side with a look of disgust on his face before walking off.

                                • cupofjoe2988
                                  cupofjoe2988  5 days back

                                  this movie sucked so much, I just can't....

                                  • Albert Calis
                                    Albert Calis  5 days back

                                    I am surprised there was no sin or audio outtake that poked fun of Snoke's Hugh Hefner-esque robe and his chamber looking like his Love Grotto.

                                    • spyhunter99
                                      spyhunter99  6 days back

                                      this movie was so terrible. they should reboot the 3rd trilogy

                                      • Regijus Simkevicius
                                        Regijus Simkevicius  6 days back

                                        I think Elon Musk was crying watching this a Shipp falls down after being destroyed in space lol Im no a scientist but even this is straight forward.

                                        • Danger Dash
                                          Danger Dash  3 days back

                                          Well, to be fair, that's most Sci Fi films.

                                      • Joe Kreissl
                                        Joe Kreissl  6 days back

                                        Good film, bad Star Wars film.

                                        • Alex Guymon
                                          Alex Guymon  6 days back

                                          "Holdo Maneuver"
                                          That is literally the Picard maneuver gone too far. Instead of warping to point-blank, ram them with the ship instead. Also, this works.

                                          • Kevin Smarts
                                            Kevin Smarts  3 days back

                                            No its not. The Picard manuvere relies on ftl travel so that the attacking ship cannot be seen, this allows it to make an attack before countermeasures can be enacted. The Holdo manuvere relies on the gravity wells of 2 massive ships combined to overcome the lack of mass in a close to light speed impact causing a collision of immense force. Also, the use of hyperspace to travel faster than light allows for this but Trek's warping of space ftl method would cause the cruiser to materialize in the Supremacy. The outcome has been shown in the Next Gen and its because the ship is not actually travelling fast it is warping space to bring two points closer.

                                        • Martian Engineer
                                          Martian Engineer  6 days back

                                          That's not remotely how fuel works in space, anyway. You don't need fuel to fly at a constant speed through a vacuum, which means those ships were accelerating the whole time. And if that is the case, why were they going slow enough to safely land on that salt planet at the end?

                                          • Jake Lhotan
                                            Jake Lhotan  7 days back

                                            7:48 I'm dead 😅😅😅

                                            • dewoomygames013
                                              dewoomygames013  1 weeks back

                                              People say “running out of fuel in space is bullshit” but what about rockets from OUR planet? You people really think neil armstrong went to space without fuel??

                                              • kushagra singh
                                                kushagra singh  1 weeks back

                                                Everything wrong with last Jedi?

                                                • Ricardo Perez
                                                  Ricardo Perez  1 weeks back

                                                  100 sins for Luke tossing the lightsaber, 100 sins for the bomber scene, 100 sins for Luke’s death, 100 sins for leia living, 100 sins for holdo’s hair(not anti feminist, but that hairdo was pretty obvious), and 100 sins for the Poe vs holdo conflict, and 1000 sins for the fuel

                                                  • The Truth Is Real
                                                    The Truth Is Real  1 weeks back

                                                    In my opinion, Star Wars died in 2005. This whole trilogy was pointless and honestly the ONLY character that is worthy is Poe.

                                                    • Ryan Boucher
                                                      Ryan Boucher  1 weeks back

                                                      It's not the first mention of fuel, in Revenge of the Sith Obi-Wan lands on Utapau and asks to refuel his starfighter

                                                      • Unusual ByDefault
                                                        Unusual ByDefault  1 weeks back

                                                        I don't mind the fuel so much (although I prefer the idea of a reactor needing fuel, not the propulsion system), the light speed ramming tho....

                                                        • Red Hoodie
                                                          Red Hoodie  1 weeks back

                                                          Well choreographed? WELL CHOREOGRAPHED!? DID YOU EVEN WATCH THAT FIGHT!? EVERY ANGLE WAS SIN WORTHY

                                                          • William Malwin
                                                            William Malwin  1 weeks back

                                                            Sell out

                                                            • Clement Mattox
                                                              Clement Mattox  1 weeks back

                                                              Can anyone tell me what movie that is with Naomi Watts at 18:58?

                                                              • Captain Mexico
                                                                Captain Mexico  1 weeks back

                                                                I don't get how everyone thinks force flight is new, Anyone who played The original battle front 2 knows Vader floats and flies when you double jump using the force

                                                                • David Dudman
                                                                  David Dudman  1 weeks back

                                                                  15:40 1 Sin for Cinema Sins for stating that was a well choreographed fight when you have guys spinning and posing for no reason, disappearing weapons, guys changing the trajectory of their swings because Rey misses her cue over and over, oh and the fact Rey is basically a child playing with toys in comparison to a TRAINED SITH and Snoke's Elite Red Guard yet its being made out shes leading the fight pulling off impossible stuff like knocking back three guys with one kick without even making contact with even one of them. No. Just no. This fight sucks. It sucks harder than that fan thingy that diced the one guy for no bloody reason other then to check a box on Rian's wishlist.

                                                                  • Megan B.
                                                                    Megan B.  1 weeks back

                                                                    Anyone ever notice how Snoke's ship is the same shape as the goat creatures' heads?

                                                                    • Film Toppings
                                                                      Film Toppings  2 weeks back

                                                                      Wait... so are they the Resistance or the Rebellion?

                                                                      • TeamJella
                                                                        TeamJella  1 weeks back

                                                                        They're The Resitance, but being a resistance still makes them a rebellion, but The Rebels was short for The Rebel Alliance, an alliance of rebel movements...which doesnt make much sense as that would just make one large rebel force, not an alliance of small rebel forces...but star wars.

                                                                    • Bizzare Meme Lord
                                                                      Bizzare Meme Lord  2 weeks back

                                                                      This movie is just one big virtue signal

                                                                      • Johnny Beavers
                                                                        Johnny Beavers  2 weeks back

                                                                        15:39 would be true if that wasnt one of the worst choreographed fights ever

                                                                        • Trevdawg48
                                                                          Trevdawg48  2 weeks back

                                                                          I have watched dozens of your videos but saying the fight scene was well choreographed and removing a sin for it is an unforgivable sin on you. I'm blocking your channel. You had a real chance to skewer the worst movie of all time and you blew it big time. I will miss your videos but you were WAY too soft on this fucking piece of shit.

                                                                          • SicParvisMagna123
                                                                            SicParvisMagna123  3 days back

                                                                            "I'm blocking your channel."

                                                                            Damn, how pathetic can Star Wars fanboys get? Perhaps Rian was right to call you manbabies. Get over yourself and come to realize that Star Wars is nothing more than entertainment, not a pop-culture bible you need to relentlessly worship and where an instalment is somehow slammed as "tHe WoRsT mOvIe Of AlL tImE!"

                                                                        • AlexTCreeper YT
                                                                          AlexTCreeper YT  2 weeks back

                                                                          The resistance bomber bombs are magnetic.
                                                                          Read about the bomber.

                                                                          • TeamJella
                                                                            TeamJella  6 days back

                                                                            @AlexTCreeper YT I did, and it doesnt explain how it can control the magnetic waves and designate a specific target for a magnet to hit. If I throw a powerful magnet across my kitchen, it's more likely going to hit something on the way to the fridge then the fridge itself.

                                                                            This also doesnt even begin to explain the stupid design behind the bomber. The entire lower 3/4 of it is the payload, just shoot there and the whole thing blows up. That's why bombers never look anything like that in real life. Thankfully star wars decided to be a bit realistic with it and actually show the first order easily blow most of them up...because basically shoot it anywhere and itd be a fireball.

                                                                          • AlexTCreeper YT
                                                                            AlexTCreeper YT  6 days back

                                                                            I said READ ABOUT THE DAMN BOMBER.

                                                                          • TeamJella
                                                                            TeamJella  1 weeks back

                                                                            But how does that work? If a magnet is dropped from that height they should instantly connect with the bomber itself or other fighters in the way, not with the Star Destroyer or dreadnought or whatever it was. Why do the magnets go to the further object? And if the bombers aren't made out of the same material as everything else...what are they made of?

                                                                            Not to mention, that would require an immensely powerful magnet.

                                                                        • Noah Maldonado
                                                                          Noah Maldonado  2 weeks back

                                                                          15:57 they don't tolerate traitors, and wanted Finn as an example to the other stormtroopers as a "hey you better not defect or you'll end up like him" kinda gesture

                                                                          • Noah Maldonado
                                                                            Noah Maldonado  2 weeks back

                                                                            14:58 they wanted the first order personel to see the execution of a traitor, finn

                                                                            • Noah Maldonado
                                                                              Noah Maldonado  2 weeks back

                                                                              1:48 well there is, the bombs are propelled out of the bombing chute and they magnetically attract to targets

                                                                              • Josh Opp
                                                                                Josh Opp  6 days back

                                                                                Couldnt they come back towards their own ship? Also, there is a process called deguassing(sp) which greatly reduces magnetic signature, its WWII tech so it might advanced for starwars Uni. But okay. If people are saying its on magnetic rails well okay then I guess it could come falling out.